I’m still finding my way around Periscope, and one of the things I love most about it is that people can comment as you record, so you can respond to what they say or ask. I just love it. Anyway, as I’ve been experimenting with the platform, I find I’ve been chatting with people more and more about daily making and Year of Making, so I did a scope highlighting five reasons to do a Year of Making. The video of my five reasons is below, as is the link to get the free worksheet I promised in the scope!

Scope Notes

{The app that let me embed a Periscope video here went kaput! I’ll try to dig up the original and will post it when I find it!}

5 Reasons to do a Year of Making, plus FREE project-tracker worksheet!
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Linda Tieu

I committed to a year of daily doodling, so it’s something!

Linda Tieu

I’m still at it – although getting to that slight lull… of … does it even matter… can I do it again? Maybe it’s getting boring? haha…

Linda Tieu

Thanks! I have definitely been thinking of that. Sometimes I find myself following some “rule” of doing something, when really there are no rules and I can change it up however I like. Funny how we bind ourselves more often than not!

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