Kim Werker. I’m a writer, editor, instructor and serial crafts dabbler. I write books, help other writers write with purpose and clarity, facilitate an online community of creative adventurers, and do a project called Mighty Ugly.


What now?

Mighty Ugly. It’s a creativity exercise, a workshop, sometimes a keynote address, and a book. Also, I facilitate an inclusive, supportive community of people from around the world who are into exploring their creativity and prioritizing it in their daily lives.


In Vancouver, Canada, at conferences and events, but mostly online. For over a decade’s worth of thoughts and projects and writing about all manner of things, start with my blog. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to really get a feel for my work. And join in right here.

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Events & Appearances

What I’m Making: A Crocheted Pi Shawl

I picked up a cake of Sheepjes Whirl yarn a couple of weeks ago, and it whispered to me that it wants to be crocheted into a pi shawl. Now that I've been working on it for a while, and have ripped back to the third row a couple of times, I'm accepting that it's not...

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Mighty Ugly at New Craft Symposium

I had the pleasure of bringing Mighty Ugly to Prince George, BC, as part of the New Craft Symposium hosted by Material Matters of Emily Carr University of Art & Design at Two Rivers Gallery.   [gallery link="none" size="medium" type="rectangular"...

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January 1st Has Passed – Who Cares? Start TODAY

Last year, my kid's school district decided to shift their two-week winter break by a week. Instead of it starting the third week of December and ending just after New Year's, it now starts as close to Christmas Day as possible and goes through the first week in...

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