Kim Werker. I’m like a camp counsellor for grownups, helping people have (more) fun making stuff. I’m a writer, editor, instructor and serial dabbler, and I make something – even something teeny tiny – every day. I write books, and I do a project called Mighty Ugly, helping people and groups confront their creative demons so, you guessed it, they can have fun making stuff.

What now?

Like summer camp, except mostly online, and for adults not kids. I nudge and encourage people to explore their creativity and to have fun doing it. Oh, and Mighty Ugly. It’s a creativity exercise, a workshop, and also a book.


In Vancouver, Canada. But mostly on the internet. Specifically: For a decade’s worth of thoughts and projects and writing about all manner of things, start with my blog. Instagram is totally my jam, and so is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here are the classes I teach online, and these are the books I’ve written.

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How to Pack for a Crafty Road Trip

Summer is for road trips – crafty road trips – and one of the things I love most when a trip is looming is planning the project(s) I'll bring with me. (Ok, sometimes by "favourite" I mean "most stressful.") It's a deserted-island kind of situation,...

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Welcome, Costco Readers!

I occasionally write a business column for the Canadian edition of the Costco Connection magazine. Looks like the Back to School issue is already out! Everything I know about managing a big writing project I learned in 7th grade. Read about it right here....

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Crafting for a Change: Vogue Knitting Holiday 2017

I am not a fan of the word guru. Guru is what we call people who know a lot about something but don't have a job title related to it, or who work in or around that topic in a variety of ways but aren't defined by any one. I'm often described as a "crochet guru." (If...

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