Kim Werker social media links

Twitter is a great way to reach me. For real. It’s short and sweet, so not as overwhelming as my inbox. My DMs are open.

If you really and truly need more than 140 characters, please email me. Note that I routinely drown in my inbox.

I check in very regularly at our community site for creative adventurers. Join us!

If you prefer the tangible and enjoy delayed gratification (I do!), you can reach me by snail mail (please note that I don’t often do product or book reviews, so best not to waste your materials and postage without getting in touch first):

Kim Werker
PO Box 45084 Dunbar
Vancouver, BC V6S 2M8

I do not, under any circumstance, publish sponsored blog posts. I do not, under any circumstance, accept unsolicited pitches for guest posts. I do, routinely, delete such solicitations unread.

I’ve never met a press release I found relevant or interesting.

Finally, find me at the following places on these here internets, roughly in order of how much time I spend there: