I just couldn’t wait to weave, you guys. I just couldn’t wait. It was everything I could do not to weave last night after I assembled and warped my frame loom yesterday, but I at least wanted to space the Periscopes out by a day. So I waited. Until this morning.

This morning, I dug through scrap yarn in my studio, gathered a bunch of it up, fired up Periscope, and spent and hour weaving on my frame loom for the first time, in a live video stream. The video’s below, if you want to grab something to make and watch along (bonus points if you weave for the first time!).

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Scope Notes

Want to Get More Comfortable Trying New Things?

A couple of years ago I never would have felt comfortable trying new art and craft techniques in public, with people watching. Then I committed to make something – anything – every day, even for a tiny bit of time, and eventually I learned how to not have any idea how to do something, and do it anyway. If you want a hand forming a daily creative habit, the Daily Making Jumpstart will help!

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