How to Transfer your Photo Library from Flickr to Google Photos (for free!)

For many, many years, Flickr was my favourite online tool. For a few of those years, it was my favourite social network. But as with all things internet, due to changes to its design and the evolution of its community and my discovery of other tools, my love for it faded. It’s been many months since I’ve used it at all. (Instagram is, obviously, my new photo-sharing love.)

So when I dove deep into Google after switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, I started wondering if it’s possible to transfer my Flickr photo archive to Google Photos.

I still don’t fully understand how Google Photos, Google+ and Picasa interact, but I do know that a photo in one of those places seems to be a photo in all of them.

So I dug around a little, and found a web-based app called Flickr to Google Plus. It’s free, its instructions are easy to follow, and it worked like a charm.



7 responses to “Flickr to Google Photos Transfer”

  1. iknitalone Avatar

    this is very helpful! do you think it’s worthwhile, even if I’m not a android user?

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      If you either want to use Google Photos or want to back up your Flickr archives (or both), then sure! It took only a couple of minutes, then the app did all the work in the background.

  2. Josh Avatar

    Did you check to see if the transferred photos were actually your originals from Flickr, or if it transferred some Flick-optimized versions?

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Yup! You can choose whether to transfer optimized versions or original versions. My random checking of a few old photos shows me file sizes a couple of megabytes in size, which were my originals.

  3. Annie Modesitt Avatar
    Annie Modesitt

    Bless those helpful web based apps!

  4. PicBackMan Avatar

    The only thing I do not like about Google Photos is that it compresses the pictures to nearly 1/5th of their original file size and it does not yet recognize embedded keywords.

  5. Prashanth Avatar

    Thanks for this! I was under the impression that the service would not work on Google Photos, ever since they moved on from Picasa. But it did! Thanks.

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