You can pretty much see the fear in her eyes, eh? Wee Morticia has spent her whole life in a shelter. She had some skin problems as a kitten, and living in a shelter for so long means she’ll need some extra-special TLC from a very special person.

Morticia the cat needs a loving home!

Here’s what her bio says about her:

Morticia is a sweet three year old. As a kitten she had suffered some skin problems, and therefore, despite those gorgeous odd eyes, and that beautiful face. she has been in a shelter up north her whole life waiting for a home. Cats that spend long portions of their life in a kennel, when introduced to a home can become very overwhelmed and scared and want to hide. With a little love, and encouragement Morticia is learning that being in a house is safe, and she can run and play with everyone else!

Ben Johnson took the photo above as part of the Orphan Animal Pics project.

And I have an update! Christie has been adopted! Yay!

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Gah! Poor little girl! So pretty!

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