Update (16th August): Lisa tells me Christie has been adopted. Yay!

I mentioned last week that I live with a not-so-cat person, but the truth is I’m not really a cat person either. Which I further understood when Lisa sent me info about a couple of cats this week and I was immediately drawn to the one who will thrive in a home without dogs or small, energetic children. (I live in a home with a dog and a very energetic small child.) Of course, I’m doing this series of posts about homeless cats because I think maybe one of you cat people might have the perfect home for her.

Christie is available for adoption!

So. Meet Christie, a young and perky cat who was a stray and now lives at Katie’s Place. She seems to get along well with the other cats in her room and has an amazing disposition. She is nervous about being picked up and can give a nibble or a nervous whine if she feels overwhelmed, but she longs for the love and comes right back for more. For this reason, she may not do well in a home with dogs or very small or energetic children.

Do Good Thursday: Christie the Cat

Christie will most certainly learn to trust more as volunteers interact with her more, but if you’re willing to be patient and loving, go see this beautiful and affectionate girl.

Do Good Thursday: Christie the Cat

Do Good Thursday: Christie the Cat

These photos were taken by Cindy Hughes of Muddy Love Pet Photography as part of the Orphan Animal Pics project.

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