I’m trying out a new weekly feature here on the blog. My dear friend Lisa, with whom I visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a couple years ago, has started a project that’s brilliant in its simplicity and potential to do great good.

It’s called Orphan Animal Pics, and the idea is that “beautiful photos help orphan animals find loving homes. We want to do what we can to get animals out of shelters and into permanent homes where they will be spoiled rotten.

Lisa works with volunteer photographers here in the Vancouver area to photograph adoptable cats in hopes the glamour shots help people fall in love deeply enough to adopt an animal.

I live with a man who’s not so keen on cats, and a dog who’s as likely to eat one as to steal its food, so the best I can do to help with Lisa’s project is to put some adorable cat photos on my blog and hope that one of you dear readers will fall in love. The following photos were taken by Cindy Hughes of Muddy Love Pet Photography.

Did you know that black cats are often overlooked at shelters? I can’t imagine why. I’d love to have a pet that matched my wardrobe. Also, look at those eyes! Meet Twilight.

Twilight the cat is available for adoption!

She’s sheltered at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter in Maple Ridge, BC. From her Petfinder listing:

Twilight was found homeless and taken into shelter care while still less than a year old. Whatever else she might have endured in her past, she was probably stressed by all the changes in her life over which she had no control. She came to Katie’s Place where we could give her time and space to recover. She immediately became a quiet, well-behaved resident in her communal room, trying to stay out of the way. Over the next week or so, she relaxed and began enjoying pets. Then within another week or so, she was coming up to us with a cheerful greeting and asking for attention. She’s a spirited young cat who is friendly and responsive and she values a relationship with humans. She manages well in her communal room even though she would probably prefer not to live among a lot of other cats. She wants affection and she wants to make friends; it would be easier for her in a real home. We’ve found at the shelter that she enjoys spending time with you once she knows and trusts you; she enjoys a snuggle on her own terms. She’s actually come a long way since she’s been with us and she’s now quite easygoing. In a home environment (ideally, without small children or cats), Twilight would blossom and be able to show her happy, loving side all day long. You would find yourself with a devoted little feline friend. 3 years old.

Twilight the cat is available for adoption.

Twilight the cat is available for adoption.

I want to pet this cat all day long. Don’t you?

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Thanks Kim! Twilight totally stole my heart – she was following us around as we took the photos in her communal room, watching us with her big eyes; she seems like a sweetheart! Poor black kitties never get the attention that the more vibrantly patterned cats do, so unfair!

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