I’m buried in editing deadlines right now, so it’ll be quick blogging like this for a while. But do say hello! I so love your company.

Have I mentioned how much Vancouver’s first Mini Maker Faire rocked my world last June? I think I may have mentioned it. So imagine how stoked I am to be involved with the organization of 2012’s event. Your imagination should have returned something like this: STOKED.

Ben Z Cooper just released this great recap of last year’s event. If you’re in the Vancouver area and this video excites you, come to our kick-off event on March 15th at the Museum of Vancouver! It’ll be a super fun show-and-tell kind of thing, and it’ll mark the start of our call for makers. I’ll be there with some stuff for making ugly creatures.

2 responses to “Looking Ahead to Vancouver Maker Faire 2012, a Look Back at 2011”

  1. Amiller667 Avatar

    Kim, what’s the diff between Maker Faire and Mini?  What’s the size differential?  There’s one in NY in Queens, but we’d really like to do one here in NJ.  How can I gain some insight into the planning process????

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      O’Reilly Media, the publisher of Make magazine, puts on what they now call World Maker Faires in the Bay Area, Detroit and New York – those are huge. A couple of years ago they opened things up to allow any community to put on their own “mini” Maker Faire. These community -run MFs vary greatly in size and scope. Some take place in a gymnasium over an afternoon with a couple hundred people. Some (like in Vancouver), are larger – we had over 100 makers and a few thousand attendees over a weekend, with large and small demonstrations happening both indoors and outside. I’ll shoot you an email and put you in touch with the organizer out here, since she’s the one who knows whom you can talk to about organizing a local even in NJ.

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