I’m buried in editing deadlines right now, so it’ll be quick blogging like this for a while. But do say hello! I so love your company.

Have I mentioned how much Vancouver’s first Mini Maker Faire rocked my world last June? I think I may have mentioned it. So imagine how stoked I am to be involved with the organization of 2012’s event. Your imagination should have returned something like this: STOKED.

Ben Z Cooper just released this great recap of last year’s event. If you’re in the Vancouver area and this video excites you, come to our kick-off event on March 15th at the Museum of Vancouver! It’ll be a super fun show-and-tell kind of thing, and it’ll mark the start of our call for makers. I’ll be there with some stuff for making ugly creatures.

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Kim, what’s the diff between Maker Faire and Mini?  What’s the size differential?  There’s one in NY in Queens, but we’d really like to do one here in NJ.  How can I gain some insight into the planning process????

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