There's so much I want to say about Vancouver's first Maker Faire that I've put off writing this post for nearly three weeks. In the interest of getting over this block, I've decided to write a series of posts about it.

To sum up, Maker Faire blew my mind. It was the most fun I've had in a very long time, and I generally have a lot of fun. The vibe of creativity and community was nearly palpable. There was an utter lack of pretentiousness – no matter a maker's passion, ideas were shared and lessons taught. It was like a creative, educational UTOPIA. I'm not even kidding.

More thoughts in upcoming posts. For now, photos!

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Modern Quilt Guild @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

A member of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild* made a the QR code of the guild's URL.

Modern Quilt Guild @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

The Guild had a design wall set up where people could mess around with quilt squares. (That's my dad with Guild president Kalin Whyte.)

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Paper lanterns in the form of a Dalek and Mr. Spock!

Mondo Spider @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

The famed Mondo Spider made regular tours of the grounds.

Disaster Area @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Disaster Area had this wicked array of torches that was controlled by a kid's piano toy.

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Members of the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild taught countless people how to knit (and not only women!).

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

The place was PACKED.

That's right, baybee! MAKER.

And of course I was there as a maker! That's what my next post in the series will be about.

Mighty Ugly @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

People of all ages, boys and girls, men and women, made a lot of ugly creatures. It was AMAZING.

*I've told you I joined the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild? I'm very excited about this, even though I can't attend my first meeting as a member. Still. This is a group with some serious creative energy.