A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Sister Diane of Craftypod and Brenda Dayne of Cast On for their amazing—and wonderfully different—podcasts.

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If you’re reading this but didn’t know I had an epic month of talking to amazing podcasters in December, here’s the skinny:

Brenda and I talked for a long time about creativity and creative life, and I loved hearing how she edited our hour-long conversation into a much more concise story. I learned about myself just listening to it, and I thank her so much for that insight. Her focus on the Joss Whedon interview really brings home to me how important that experience really was, and more generally reminds me why his work resonates with me so strongly. I also very much relate to what Brenda discusses at the end of the show, about creating for myself first and foremost. Go make some tea and have a listen.

Diane scheduled our interview several weeks in advance, and she wanted to talk about crafting a creative career. Only thing was, I couldn’t tell her yet that I was in the process of leaving Interweave Crochet. I was finally able to make my public announcement three days before the interview, and I was fairly confident Diane was going to shoot spitballs at me from all the way in Portland. Of course she didn’t, being the kind soul that she is, and instead we just went on with the show. We talked about crafty business life, and about one of my favourite topics: innovation.

These two shows are proving to be a great starting point for me as I begin the new year. Having spoken with these two women whom I respect immensely about things we find so important, it’s as if I’ve laid the foundation for my next adventure. Now to start on the frame…

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