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Crochet Me.

Crochet Me is totally my favourite project of my crochet work. It is one of the projects I’m proudest of. Collaborating with dozens of people from all over the world, we created something totally new and we made an impact. Not only that, but my experience with Crochet Me led me to develop skills I now use every day in my work, whether that work is crochet-related or not. I became thoroughly fluent with online communication, I became a better writer, I learned how to edit professionally, and I learned countless things about myself.

As for my past work, I’m proudest of having launched and run the online magazine-cum-social-network; I sold the site to Interweave Press in 2008.

Crochet Me

The Book

Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution, by Kim Werker

Inspired by the history and community of, a dozen up-and-coming designers contributed patterns that show crochet at its best. Essays, lengthy designer bios, and tutorials on advanced techniques round out the offerings from this book that CRAFT magazine said, “reinvigorates the craft to new fashion heights.”

Crochet Me was featured in CRAFT’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and in WhipUp’s Fave Books for 2010.

Crochet Me
Zigzag Crochet: A Beginner's Guide to Ripples & Waves –

Other Crochet Classes

Since Crochet Me I’ve taught a number of crochet classes at Craftsy including:

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