I spent several hours yesterday trying to find a WordPress plugin that will automatically generate a daily digest of stuff I post on Tumblr. It might be that Tumblr is too new. Dunno. Anyway, I found one plugin that will auto-generate a daily digest, but the lines in the digest didn’t actually link to the Tumblr posts, so. Yeah, that was a waste of time. Anyhoo.

I find myself writing “anyhoo” lately. Maybe it’s time for that one to come back.

  • I did keep a plugin that generates a lifestream. I hate that term. A “lifestream” is a page that aggregates somebody’s (in this case my) activity on several social media sites. I created a page of mine and simply call it Daily Life. It’s not my lifestream. Much of my life is lived offline. That said, with my Twitter habit, you likely could get a bit of a glimpse into what my daily life is sort of like. But only sort of.
  • I finished a whopping two yarn projects this week. And I’m back to knitting the first sleeve of my long-in-progress Gathered Pullover [Ravelry].
  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, one day early!
  • Crocheted lightsaber pattern.
  • I’ve had the house to myself this weekend; just me and the dog. Last night I went on a Gary Oldman bender and watched, back to back, Dracula and Immortal Beloved. And I knit.
    • Know how I’ve wondered why oh why they made poor Buffy Summers sleep on an Irish crochet pillow sham? Go watch Dracula, kids. Lucy’s bed is covered with them. I’ve decided Buffy’s shams are simply an homage to the great 1992 movie.
      • Except oh. my. god. the bad accents in that movie. (Not Gary Oldman’s. That man can do no wrong.)
      • I’ve been noticing a lot of bad accents lately. The first season of The Wire was nearly ruined for me by Dominic West’s appalling American English. And the woman who plays the lead on Fringe? Bad accent. (But I’ve already publicly announced I’m only watching Fringe because Joshua Jackson is so great.)
        • Zip just sent us the first two discs of The Wire season 2. So. excited.
      • Ok, though. A really great faked American accent? Hugh Laurie’s.
  • My plan for this sunny Sunday is to take the dog into the woods and not leave the woods for at least an hour.
  • That’s my only plan for the day. With the rest of the day I may or may not:
    • Finish that first sleeve and start the second and then oh man I might just have a finished sweater for sweater-wearing season.
    • Do some laundry. I still haven’t caught up from my long trip.
      • Dude. That long trip completely screwed me up. I’m behind on almost everything and I’m having a hell of a time focusing. I’m hoping doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend will knock that right out of me.
    • Read. I’m still only halfway through Watchmen. I’ve started dabbling in Made to Stick. And on my nightstand now is The Magus, but I might put it down for a time when I’m more interested in getting sucked into a seriously twisted good story. Oh, and I have the new politics issue of The New Yorker.
      • I’ve been very, shall we say, focused on politics.
    • Cook up a big batch of pasta sauce from the tomatoes I’ve picked from the garden.
    • Well, it would seem my “whole lot of nothing” could end up being quite a lot of something.
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