On Tuesday our good friends welcomed the most adorable infant into this world and on hearing the news an hour after she was born, my ovaries hijacked my body and made me crochet a tiny blanket.

I am not kidding.

I had the day off. I planned to do a hundred loads of laundry, go to the bank, and catch up on blog reading.

Instead, I read a few things and crocheted a tiny blanket.

With my ovaries.

There’s no other explanation for it.

I gave her the blanket this morning. It’s just big enough to cover her wee self, and maybe as she grows up it’ll be a good size for dragging around with her without actually dragging on the ground.

My ovaries are safely back in their place now. I’m sure you were concerned.

Started: 7 Oct. 2008
Finished: 8 Oct. 2008
Pattern: Around the Rosy baby blanket [Ravelry] by Woodhill Design
Yarn: Unknown from stash; cotton blend, machine washable
Hook: 5mm
Modifications: Worked only through Round 13 of the pattern
Project on Ravelry

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