In this first episode of Compulsory in two years (two years!), we return to our roots with an honest conversation with quilter Cheryl Arkison about the power of habit in creative life, and about embracing the mess of, well, pretty much everything.

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Quilter Cheryl Arkison on Compulsory Podcast. Listen at

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Kim, thank you for mentioning Sophie. I love listening to your podcast and am SUPER chuffed that you are enjoying the Sophie journey.



Cheryl, I love how authentic and true you are in this interview. I can so relate to what you say about sometimes resenting having to put the ‘mom hat’ on. I always find it so hard to balance being a mom and wife with being a creator and a health worker. It is refreshing when other people admit to struggling rather than telling you how well they cope with everything.

What an inspiring interview. Thank you!


Kim, I’ve just gotten to the bit where you say that you rebel against the notion that taking time out to feed your creativity makes you somehow less-than. I wholeheartedly agree. I feel that taking time out to feed what makes me ME makes me a better mother, wife, and person. I still struggle, though, with what (I perceive) the world expects of me and what I need in order to nourish myself and my family.

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