The Maker Concierge will give you a plan for how to start making something you don't know how to make! Tutorials, classes, books, and more. It's free!


You know how there’s a fancy person at nice hotels whose job it is to make sure you have an awesome time? The concierge. They’re whom you ask for advice about fun activities nearby, or about where you can get an awesome vegetarian meal that’s accessible by transit, or what shows are playing in town.

And, kind of unrelated to that, you know how somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a fantasy about making some kind of particular thing? Maybe it’s something super special, or maybe it’s just something you’ve always had a hankering to do? But you just have no idea where to start, or even where to look to get info about starting? (Or maybe it’s just that the prospect of your fantasy even touching the edges of reality is just too much…)

Well, enter the Maker Concierge! (That’s me.)

You tell me the thing you dream of making, and I’ll make a plan for you to start making it. Not, like, a written-in-blood plan, but the kind of plan a hotel concierge might make for you if you ask them for something fun to do. I’ll send you links to a few ace tutorials, some titles of good books, some tips to get you started, and if you tell me your city, I’ll include info about local-to-you classes and supply shops if I can find them.

Easy peasy, amiright?! I told you this was going to be fun!

All I need to make your plan are your answers to a few basic questions. Answer those right here to get started!


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Shalagh Hogan

That My Dear IS Fantabulous! Congratulations and Looovvveee It !

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