Stormtrooper Amigurumi

Star Wars Stormtrooper Amigurumi crochet

When I saw a kit of Star Wars crochet at Knit City a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t hesitate. The kit includes all the materials needed to crochet a stormtrooper and Yoda, and the instruction book has patterns for ten other characters, too. Twelve characters! I’m especially excited to pick up some brown yarn to make Chewbacca – I’ll have to brush the doll after it’s crocheted, to make it all furry.

The kid discovered the kit in a corner of my studio (my plan was to start making them in secret before the holidays), and nearly lost his mind. So here’s the stormtrooper, in progress.

I never really forget how much I love crocheting dolls, but it’s still nice to be reminded that I should actually do it.

Oh, and here’s the latest Episode VII trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet. (Dare I say the plot looks promising? A turncoat stormtrooper! The return of the Force! A glimpse of Leia!)

Let’s make this a geek-crafting open thread, eh? Post in the comments about some geeky crafts you’ve been making (photos or it didn’t happen)!


All the stitches and techniques you need to know to make basic dolls – or amigurumi, as they’re known – are covered in my Crochet: Basics & Beyond class.

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