I come back to the Seraphina's Shawl crochet pattern over and over again.

It’s been well over a decade since I really and truly started crocheting, and in that time I’ve been intimate with dozens, probably more like hundreds, of crochet patterns. Many have taken my breath away. But there’s one I’ve come back to over and over throughout the years, and I’ve been trying very hard to figure out why. It’s Seraphina’s Shawl. (You can find more information about the pattern here.)

I mean yes, certainly, one of the main reasons is that I just love making it, and it looks so good in a wide variety of yarn weights.

But what about it makes me enjoy it so much? And why does it look so good when made in so many varying ways?

The pattern is easy to memorize, that’s for sure a part of it. When it comes to crochet (and knitting), I just love not having to look at the pattern after I get the hang of it. I’ll count rows and repeats if I need to, of course, but I just love not needing to.

And one of the reasons this pattern is so easy to remember is that it’s very elegantly designed. Not elegant as in fashion or style elegance, but elegant in the way it’s engineered. There are four increase points in every row: one at each end, and two flanking the centre shell. So there isn’t much to keep track of, and that there are increases on every row means you don’t have to keep track of whether you’re on the right or wrong side.

This is the fourth time I’ve made this pattern. The first time, I made it over a weekend in chunky-weight alpaca. The second time I made it for my new sister-in-law, out of laceweight silk. The third time I made it in DK merino held double throughout for a friend to wear at her rustic-styled wedding. This time it’s DK merino singles held on its own.

I’ve crocheted other shawls and enjoyed it, but this is the pattern I come back to over and over. It’s for all of the reasons I’ve listed, and I think it’s also for the interplay of the shells and double crochets. Isn’t it odd that there aren’t more patterns that involve an interplay like that? Many crocheted shawl patterns involve shells of one kind or another, and for good reason. They’re lovely and can be very lacy or not-very lacy, and any way you do it you end up with a lovely project that’s probably easy to memorize.

Anyway, now I’m thinking about solid sections and shell sections, and I’m feeling a hankering to design something new using these two elements together. I’m feeling a hankering to play.

We’ll see…

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This is one I come back to as well. I love starting it. I love doing it. I love finishing it. I love giving it away. I also have a favourite knitting pattern that I make over and over again.Good things.


This is my favorite too. I have made this shawl in many weights of yarn & it’s beautiful every time! Drapes perfectly & COMFORTABLY.

Shelia french

So no matter what yarn you use you like it. I’m just new to crocheting so I’m not good with yarn yet I love to read the comments because I learn from them so I’m glad you posted thank you


This is my favorite crochet pattern as well. I’ve made it twice and plan to make another this winter.

Donya Beasley Frontauria

This is ‘Seraphina’, craftydonib on Ravelry. I have to say that when I was looking through Pinterest just now, your link popped up as ‘picked for you’ and I had to giggle with delight. I’m so very glad that you enjoy the pattern. It has given me a wonderful lift on a cold, icy day. <3 Thank you.


One day I am going to master this pattern! It is my favorite crochet pattern but I haven’t mastered it past the first few rows. Have you ever thought about doing a You Tube tutorial?


I’ve not made this shawl but it’s on the list now!

I’ve come back to the Over The Willamette pattern 5 times, and it’s still my favorite. I’m making another one now. :D

Bette Jadwin

I discovered this pattern about two months ago and I’m on my fourth shawl using it. It is addictive as well as beautiful. My sister in law loved the first one so much that I gave it to her but I went right out and bought the same yarn again so I could make one for myself. I’ve tried several other shawl patterns and I like them very much but I LOVE this one! I noticed the designer was one if the commenters so I hope she sees this. Thank you Donya!
I’m going to check out the Over the Willamette pattern too.


My current favorite patterns are the Round Scarf by love4nails on Youtube. Made so many with different yarns, hooks sizes, etc. People love these infinity scarves as gifts! Also, the It’s Fall Y’all cowl by BobWilson123 on Youtube. Whip these up in no time and people also love them!


This is my favorite too. I especially like the results when I use caron cakes.


I’m going to bookmark this pattern and try it sometime. I just started my first shawl/scarf bit recently with something along these lines, easy to follow once I get going.

I can totally relate about not needing a pattern once the flow gets going. I’ve made LOTS and LOTS of crochet hats over the years from a pattern that started me off. Like you, I vary it as I want to. :)

Phyllis Serio

Hi, I need this pattern in a poncho, instead of a shawl. Please help Phyllis


Where is the pattern.I would love to make placemats by this pattern.



Mary Burkitt

Well, I joined. I searched and I still can’t find the pattern. Back to Pinterest.


Why can’t I find the Pattern?? It looks wonderful.

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