That’s right, friends, as of today I’ve got one more year till 40. Put another way, today I am three bar mitzvahs!

I’m not doing anything particularly exciting beyond continuing our now fully established family tradition of eating breakfast for dinner (the boys will be making waffles tonight!). Greg gave me an Apple Watch as an early birthday present a couple of weeks ago, and this morning Owen gave me raspberries (do you call them zerberts? just me?) all over my face. All I really want is to see our friends more after a year of far, far too much work and work travel. We’re already doing that, so I am a very happy birthday girl.

Yesterday, my friend Liisa Facebooked that she didn’t really enjoy weaving and was selling her 10″ Cricket loom. I’ve been cooking a new book idea in my brain, and have had weaving poking at me through my thinking, so this seemed like a sign from the gods. Also, timely birthday coincidence. (Actually, I’m nearing the end of cooking the new book idea and am about ready to start writing up the proposal for it. So that’s a pretty fun way to start my year of being 39.)

So this is now sitting on my dining-room table, and I think after I post this I’m going to go set it up and give my first warp a whirl.

Do you weave? Got any tips for a total n00b?

This is not a birthday present, but the timing can’t be ignored. My friend @fluffandhustle didn’t take to weaving, so now it’s my turn to give it a shot. Happy birthday to me! Any weavers amongst you? Got any tips about this little guy, or in general? #39today #weaving #loom

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Happy birthday! I’ve been 39 for 3 months and it’s okay though I dread 40. Looking forward to read about your weaving journey!

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