When I was preparing to release the Year of Making ebook last December, I realized I needed to use a different WordPress template because the one I’d been using didn’t have native support for the shop plugin I’d decided to use. So I did a bit of a redesign on the site.

“Bit” being the operative word, because what with the ebook prep, setting up the shop, and all the rest, I never actually managed to finish the redesign.

Until now. What better time to fiddle with one’s website than when one has too many tasks to complete to get ready for a six-week road trip, right?

So. You’ll see a new header up there at the top of the page (you’ll see a very similar one in my Friday newsletter, and on the Facebook group I started yesterday [more on that soon!]. And I finally made the font size big enough to, you know, actually read. I fixed a few CSS problems, too.

Do you do this? Have a daunting pile of work in front of you, only to divert your attention entirely to do something almost utterly unrelated? Productive procrastination is what I called it in Make It Mighty Ugly, I think.

5 responses to “Finishing Touches (a Bit of Productive Procrastination)”

  1. penny Avatar

    yes! it’s why i have two very different businesses. when i need to rest my brain on one, i focus on the other. you can tell when i’m at crunch deadline because that’s when the bathrooms and kitchen get scrubbed. :)

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Totally. Over the weekend, Greg emptied out the whole cabinet in our bathroom, after months of wanting to make sense of the mess in there. So, like, the least visible, least important corner of our house is going to be in impeccable shape when we leave town. Heh.

  2. Hang Ups in KC Avatar

    I also run two businesses and it seem that the only time my house actually gets cleaned is when I am overwhelmed with work. Otherwise it just doesn’t seem that important. I am glad I am not the only one with this issue. Luckily I have been busy so the house is in a somewhat presentable state at the moment, but that may change.

  3. Andrea_R Avatar

    Yes! A total productive procrastinator and cleaner. ;)

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