When I was preparing to release the Year of Making ebook last December, I realized I needed to use a different WordPress template because the one I’d been using didn’t have native support for the shop plugin I’d decided to use. So I did a bit of a redesign on the site.

“Bit” being the operative word, because what with the ebook prep, setting up the shop, and all the rest, I never actually managed to finish the redesign.

Until now. What better time to fiddle with one’s website than when one has too many tasks to complete to get ready for a six-week road trip, right?

So. You’ll see a new header up there at the top of the page (you’ll see a very similar one in my Friday newsletter, and on the Facebook group I started yesterday [more on that soon!]. And I finally made the font size big enough to, you know, actually read. I fixed a few CSS problems, too.

Do you do this? Have a daunting pile of work in front of you, only to divert your attention entirely to do something almost utterly unrelated? Productive procrastination is what I called it in Make It Mighty Ugly, I think.

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yes! it’s why i have two very different businesses. when i need to rest my brain on one, i focus on the other. you can tell when i’m at crunch deadline because that’s when the bathrooms and kitchen get scrubbed. :)

Hang Ups in KC

I also run two businesses and it seem that the only time my house actually gets cleaned is when I am overwhelmed with work. Otherwise it just doesn’t seem that important. I am glad I am not the only one with this issue. Luckily I have been busy so the house is in a somewhat presentable state at the moment, but that may change.


Yes! A total productive procrastinator and cleaner. ;)

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