I’ve spent this week pretty much hibernating in a vaguely introverted stint of recuperation after a month of houseguests. I didn’t think I was making very much, given that I’ve also been working and I read an entire YA trilogy, but after collecting these photos, I see I’ve actually been making quite a lot. Below, you’ll see the first Pyrex I’ve destroyed in the making of soap, the soap that resulted after I briefly mourned the loss of the Pyrex and oils involved and poured fresh oils into a stainless-steel pot instead of glass, pancakes, the first meal resulting from my newly acquired copy of Mark Bittman’s truly enormous How to Cook Everything Fast, some crochet, and my bullet journal.

How’s your daily making going?

(Remember, it’s never the wrong date to start a year of making.)









6 responses to “#yearofmaking #2: Week 2”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Well, I have to say this has been just awesome. So many times I’ve started doing something every day – a picture a day, journaling, what have you. But I never stick with it! What I’m loving about this is that it doesn’t have to be something big, it doesn’t have to be a complete project, it just has to be.

    So often I sit down at the computer like a zombie, tired after work, and the next thing you know it’s time for bed! But now, I might poke around on the computer a bit, but I stop to crochet a couple of rows on my blanket. And even if I tell myself a couple of rows will do, I usually end up finishing several more rows! I’m not feeling any pressure to get the project done in any time frame, and it’s been a great way to wind down in the evenings before bed. I just know that when I’m finished I’ll have a really nice lap blanket (for those zombie hours in front of the computer).

    I’m starting to think about the next project… my embroidery thread is looking mighty fine right now!

  2. iHanna Avatar

    WHAT YA triology? Tell us! My year of making is going good, I have a list of the dates in my journal, and noted what creative thing I have been doing each day: knitting, writing, painting, embroidery so far. Good start!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      It was the Trylle Trilogy, by Amanda Hocking – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8564935-switched. Not brilliant, but perfectly good.

      1. Anne Avatar

        Your use of the words “perfectly good” amuse me, because we had a group of librarians together to discuss YA literature. People kept saying, “it was a perfectly fine story” or “perfectly good” or “perfectly fine.” Perfectly is the word of the week!

        1. Kim Werker Avatar

          Ha! I put some thought into using that word. Well, a little thought. The series is far from perfect (what book is perfect?), and it didn’t come close to being outstanding or to blowing my mind. But it was solid. Especially given that I read it because it was a runaway self-pubbed hit. And it was solid in a way that seemed perfect. Perfectly good. But not better than that. Anyway, I love that you pulled that out, because though I usually toss words around without much thought, I did use that word very deliberately. :)

  3. Sara Wolfie Avatar

    I totally agree with Anne! It’s been awesome so far, even when I can’t do as much as I would like. It’s not the quantity or quality, it’s the daily checking in with myself and my creativity and just DOING something, every day. Even when it’s just some doodling or a few lines of weaving, it feels good and it’s true that using one’s creativity makes the creativity flow even more.

    Since starting my year of making two weeks ago, I successfully set up a website for my work, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. That was in addition to drawing or weaving or doodling every day – it’s just increased my inspiration and commitment. I also started a blog to share my own year of making progress, just took the plunge! And I’m getting inspired to pick up my paint brushes again, they have been sitting dormant for a couple years…

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