One of the unexpected results of my first year of making was that my kid saw me making stuff all the time. When he was a baby and young toddler, I did the vast majority of my making when he was asleep, but I started making stuff daily right after he turned three, and it’s just become a normal thing in our home. And that means that he’s making more stuff, and he’s more engaged in why and how I make the things I make.

So imagine my surprise and delight when, as I worked away on my newly started Age Before Beauty Blanket last weekend, he asked if he could learn how to crochet.

Well, obviously.

finger crochet lesson

And then yesterday he was in my studio and, though they’d been on a shelf for ages, he discovered the mascot I made back in 2007 for the book tour Shannon Okey and I went on to promote our books for teens. And he also discovered the very first amigurumi I made, which for some reason I can’t recall has no eyes. His excitement has me itching to make a new creature sometime soon.

Amigurumi from ages ago

Crafts with kids, man. Super fun.

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