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I’ve talked about it all year, my #yearofmaking. About how surprisingly amazing and transformative it’s been to make something, anything, every day.

Earlier this month, I talked with Miriam Felton, the person who started #yearofmaking back in 2013. We got a little… enthusiastic about it. Because though it’s simple, a year of making is also pretty freaking awesome.

Though a few people also started doing a year of making this year, many more have hinted at maybe sorta wanting to do it. Which means that, obviously, worksheets are in order (click thumbnails below to embiggen).

Year of Making: A Grand Adventure Through 365 Daily Acts of Creation is a 35-page ebook that chronicles all the wonderful things you get when you commit to making something every day. Featuring nine worksheets to help you figure out what you already enjoy making and what you fantasize about making if only you had (um, made) the time, and to help you keep track of what you do make over the course of a year, this ebook is like a jumpstart to a project that may just end up being the most amazing project you ever take on.

Beginning on January 1st isn’t necessary or even important, but it seemed like a good idea to get this all together in time for the new calendar year.

You’ve been thinking about maybe doing a year of making, haven’t you? Well, there’s nothing to do now but do it. I’ll be doing it again, obviously, starting my second year on January 1st. Please join in! The more the merrier.

The only rule is to make something (even the tiniest part of something) every day for a year. Snap a photo and share it online tagged #yearofmaking.


9 responses to “New Ebook: Year of Making”

  1. lynne Avatar

    Thanks so much for the ebook! I’m excited in the time off I have after Christmas to get with that book! Since I downloaded it as a pdf, is there any problem with taking it to be printed? Will you be doing a print copy at some point? I love ebooks because, clearly, I couldn’t wait and I didn’t have to! Looking forward to having a creative coach this year thanks to you!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      No problem at all with you printing it! Make as many copies of the worksheets as you want, too. I don’t plan to offer the book in print, in the interest of both time and cost. Enjoy your year of making!

  2. Shalagh Avatar

    I am inspired! And terrified! Year of making seems the perfect prescription for what has been ailing me for a long long time. Thanks Kim for the inspiration and yes, I bought that book! It was listed at only 8 dollars and maybe 83 cents. What a steal. And thanks for the permission to start on maybe the 3rd. Ha. I think you’re so very right when you say it will change my life. I suspect great things.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Just one day at a time, right? I hope you enjoy!

  3. Andrea_R Avatar

    As an experienced crafter, i thought following along would be a walk in the park, and this ebook would just help me get a little better organized. But the deceptively easy worksheet questions are actually.. hard. Not too hard, but enough of a challenge to hold my interest. This is going to be a very, very interesting year. I’ve already started. I keep setting the worksheets aside, thinking I’m finished, only to haul them out when another stray thought hits me.

    Anyone waffling on whether or not to buy it just needs to go buy it already. Totally worth it.

    And darn it, Kim! You made me THINK! :D

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Well that makes my day. Yeah for thinking! I’m excited to see where you go with your year, Andrea!

  4. Nancy Cavillones Avatar

    Just ordered and downloaded it! Just wondering–why couldn’t I use PayPal on Etsy?

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      When I set my Etsy shop up, there was no option to use PayPal. I think they don’t support it for new shops anymore. This is the kicker that’s led to my decision to definitely keep up my shop on this site, too – I’ve had requests from people who only use PayPal for online orders.

    2. Kim Werker Avatar

      Wait! An update! I just found an option to also allow for PayPal on Etsy. I guess I missed it when I set up the shop!

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