Soft-toy designer Abby Glassenberg runs a successful online pattern shop and blogs regularly about the business of craft. In today’s show, we discuss the siren song of immediacy and impulsiveness, the focus of identifying a very narrow niche interest, and the value of practice. Plus: the tension between imperfection and perfection, and between serving yourself and serving others. Also: cooking!

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Thanks so much for your enthusiasm as we get this podcast party started! I’ll be releasing new episodes every second Monday. Please let me know your wish list of people to have on the show (just leave a comment or shoot me an email), and if you’re enjoying so far, please leave a rating on iTunes so other people can discover Compulsory and enjoy it, too! (I’m waiting to hear back from Stitcher about including the show there, too. The show is now available on Stitcher! If you don’t know Stitcher, you should. It’s a great app for managing and listening to your podcasts. Wahoo!)

3 responses to “Compulsory Podcast Episode 2: Abby Glassenberg”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    nice interview! Abby is such an interesting person. I enjoyed learning more about her.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      I’m so glad to hear it, Lisa! Thank you! I loved talking to Abby about all of this; it was very, very hard to edit our chat down to just 16 minutes.

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