No time like immediately to do something you just have to do, right? So today I recorded the first episode of my new podcast. It’s called Compulsory, and you can listen to it below. I’ve submitted it to iTunes, but it’ll take a few days to be approved over there, so for now, please listen here. I’ll let you know as soon as iTunes has it ready for subscribers! UPDATE: You can now subscribe to Compulsory on iTunes. Tell your friends!

In each episode, I’ll talk to someone about the things they absolutely must make. In this episode, that person is Rachael Ashe.

Artist Rachael Ashe makes cut-paper works of intricate, repeating designs. In today’s show, we discuss focus, repetition, tediousness, and more.

Relevant links:

If there’s anyone you’d like to hear on the show, talking about the things they have no choice but to make, shoot me a comment or an email!

9 responses to “Compulsory Podcast Episode 1: Rachael Ashe”

  1. Dana Berry Avatar

    I listened to this on the way home from work today and I loved it! Great job! And you’ve got such a great radio host voice! I really appreciate that it’s shorter than most podcasts, we’ve only got so much time in a day and there are so many great podcasts. (You’ve also maybe got me thinking about starting a vlog-style knitting vidcast in the new year, but no more than 10 minutes each!)

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Do it, Dana! What a fun project that would be! Thanks for your encouragement with this one – radio is so close to my heart; I want the quality of the podcast to match my enthusiasm for it. :)

  2. Lee Wittenstein Avatar
    Lee Wittenstein

    Thank you. I really enjoyed this. It is rare to find a thoughtful, professionally done craft podcast and I am looking forward to hearing more.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      You’re too kind, Lee. Thank you!

  3. iHanna Avatar

    Oh this start feels good, and makes me happy! Yay Kim, I will be your first subscriber when the feed is up, this was a great beginning! Congrats!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thank you! Here’s the link (I’m about to update the whole post):

  4. April Klich Avatar
    April Klich

    Really enjoyed this episode and it made me glad you started a podcast. It made me finally pull out that blank sketchbook and start doodling.

    May you have many amazing episodes ahead of you!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Yeah, doodling! Thanks, April!

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