I got home on Tuesday afternoon, with enough time to collapse into bed for a nap before our home-town book event that evening. I spent Wednesday tooling around doing errands with my mom, and I spent yesterday knitting in a fog of exhausted contentment. Today I’m getting all the work done before Leanne, Betsy and I head to Toronto on Monday for the East Coast leg of the tour.

(Note: Apparently, I’m still exhausted, for this post is riddled with exclamation marks. Be warned!)

We had so much fun in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. If you came to an event, thank you! You made it so much fun!

Here’s a rundown in photos:


We had a lovely time with some very interesting people at our workshop with Maker’s Nation at Tillamook Station. (Our last tour workshop is Saturday the 18th in Brooklyn!)

workshop in Portland

workshop in Portland

Then we did our event at Powell’s, moderated by Kate Bingaman-Burt (who illustrated Make It Mighty Ugly). Powell’s, man. It’s pretty much my favourite place in the world, and to do an author event there, well. It was special. It was very, very special.

Powell's Books signing event

I wrote about Kirsten Moore’s daily-bird-drawing project in the book, and I was so excited that she brought her planner with her. Here she is, with a close-up of last Sunday’s bird-in-progress alongside her note about coming to our event.

Kirsten Moore

bird-in-progress by Kirsten Moore

Panel discussion with Kate Bingaman-Burt



My publisher, Sasquatch Books, is in Seattle, so we started off our evening there. I’m so proud that my book is amongst these beauties on their front-list this season!


Kate at Sasquatch made earrings and a necklace just for the book event! They even matched her dress perfectly. And she made us a mix CD of Seattle songs! Such a special evening.


Marlo Miyashiro was our moderator for this event, and she led a really fun conversation.




Home-town event! Man oh man, was Tuesday night fun. It was incredible to celebrate with so many dear friends, and new friends! Some people came because they heard about it on the radio that morning, so that was pretty freaking awesome! (You can hear the interview I did on the local morning news show at around the 2-hour-45-minute mark here.)


The event was at Hot Art Wet City, and the show they had on was, well:


Made for some pretty hilarious photos from the event. Though we’ve become pretty ace at providing our own silliness:


So many people came! It was magical. (That’s my dad with his arms crossed, looking bored out of his mind. He insists he had a good time, though.)


We each did a brief reading:



And by the end of the night, we were fried.


Monday we’re heading east for events in Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Washington, DC!

We hope to see you there!

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