In five days, I’ll be getting on a plane. For an honest-to-gods book tour. With two of my favourite women. To visit you. And bookstores. And crafty spaces. My head is spinning.

In addition to the signings and panel discussions we’ll be doing in every city we visit (please come!), Leanne, Betsy and I have developed a workshop we’ll be offering at three venues only – at MakeShift Society in San Francisco, at Tillamook Station in Portland (hosted by Maker’s Nation as part of Design Week Portland), and at MakeShift Society in Brooklyn.

We’ve created a 90-minute progression of exercises that build on each of our strengths and interests, combined with the goal of walking participants through a thoughtful, creative-demon-busting experience.

The workshop will begin with an abbreviated Mighty Ugly exercise, during which participants will make an ugly creature. Then Leanne will take over, focusing the next half-hour on crafting a story for/about/related to that creature. Finally, Betsy will conclude the session with a focus on mending – is there ugliness that can be smoothed over? Fixed? (Should it be?) How does mending fit into our experience as crafters, artists, humans?

Because we developed the workshop together, in such a way that weaves each of us into it, we’ll only be offering it when we’re together. Which, for now, looks to be only during the west-coast and east-coast legs of this book tour.

Which is to say, next month will likely be your only opportunity to take this workshop!

We’re all quite excited to do this together, and we’re very interested to see what we learn from our participants as we go. Please come on this adventure with us. Because we’ll be traveling very light by necessity, and also to make things more fun, we’re asking all workshop participants to gather up a bunch of scrap materials to bring with them – bits and bobs from the recycling bin, fabric scraps, yarn bits, toilet-paper rolls, pop-can tabs, whatever. Scissors and glue, etc. will be provided. Oh, and we’ll probably have some books on-hand to sell and sign, if you’re interested!

Here are the details and links to register:

On the fence about doing a workshop? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to convince you to come. Because you should definitely come. It’s going to be amazeballs.

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