Tomorrow, at the ass-crack of dawn (credit to a friend from university for introducing that one into my daily vernacular lo so many years ago), Leanne and I will go to the airport to fly to San Francisco, where we’ll meet up with Betsy for our first book tour event (at The Booksmith).

After that, it’ll be an event every day but Saturday, in San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Then we’ll be home for a week before we hit the east coast for the second leg of the tour.

I’ve got my U.S. SIM card ready to go, so there will be much Instagramming and tweeting throughout the adventure. (I will, however, likely be quite slow to reply to email and to questions and comments in my Craftsy class. FYI.)

Rena Tom has already tweeted that she intends to bring up the topic of craft and gender, so tomorrow night’s event is sure to be sparkly and possibly even intense.  And Kate Bingaman-Burt may or may not bring up Joss Whedon at the panel discussion in Portland on Sunday.

If (when!) you come to an event, please don’t be shy! I’m so excited to see you.

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Have a wonderful, fabulous, fun-filled time, & happy, safe travels :)
Some of us have to be content with watching from afar. . . just can’t make it to any of your live events from New Zealand (wish I could tho)

ps it’s been Dawn’s crack to us for years ! I simply have no respect for that time of the day !

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