During our family holiday last month, we spent a week on Cape Cod. It was my first time there, and my, what a wonderful place.

Other than spending loads of time with family, my highlight of our time there was visiting the Edward Gorey House, on Meighan O’Toole‘s recommendation. I didn’t grow up knowing Gorey’s work, but I’m sure it’s no surprise that as an adult, I’ve fallen in love with his stark, gruesome, utterly odd illustrations and stories. I wish I had known about him when I was younger; surely I’d have felt a little better being so weird, you know? Anyway, I was surprised to learn that he was also quite prolific in puppet/doll-making and costuming! Anyone know if his textile work has been written up anywhere?

Needless to say, I bought books.

Gorey puppets





What. Wouldn’t you be fascinated by the faucet in a beloved artist’s home? Whatever. Don’t judge me.

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Kimberly Hirsh

What? Dream come true! I so hope to get there one day. Did you know that Gorey was a huge Buffy fan?

Shalagh Hogan

Oh I would so love to visit Gorey’s house. Was lucky enough to have the alphabet book growing up. Slightly jealous and very happy for your vacation fun.
Shalagh h

Shalagh Hogan

Right. I remember as a child knowing there was another layer I was missing. My nine year-old would totally get Corey. And the Buffy fan thing is hysterical.

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