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Back when I was finishing up the capybara I made for my friend’s daughter, Owen got hold of the book the pattern was in – Huge and Huggable Mochimochi, by Anna Hrachovec. When he saw the utterly adorbz robot pillow in there, he asked me to make it for him. Disinclined to travel anywhere with a 20”x26” pillow, I ordered worsted weight yarn for it instead of chunky, and Monday night I cast on, using 3.75mm needles instead of the 6.5mm ones called for in the pattern. I want this pillow to be small enough not to be a total pain in the ass to tote around.

I’ve never done intarsia, kids. I’m half excited and half petrified. Got tips? I’d love some.

2 responses to “Casting on to Knit a Sleepbot 3000”

  1. Queen of My World Avatar
    Queen of My World

    Intarsia is harder to say than it is to do! Just remember to ‘wrap’ or cross the yarns when changing colours so that you don’t end up with a hole. Happy ‘Intarsia-ing!’

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      That’s the part I found surprisingly easy! It’s the same thing you do if your stranded-colourwork floats are too long, so I’d already figured it out. I’d thought there was some sort of intarsia magic I’d have to learn, but there isn’t! Huzzah!

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