As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been doing the index-card-a-day challenge. I love the goal of taking something small and inexpensive and making something on it every day. I’ve been using cards I had leftover from writing the book, which is why they’re blue and pink and yellow instead of white. I’d prefer white, but I prefer not buying more index cards more.

My favourite thing about this challenge so far is that it’s finally gotten me to play with collage, which is something I’ve been thinking a great deal about but not doing.

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Love these! Such a great idea. I think it’ll be a perfect summertime daily practice, especially since I’ll have less free time with the girl out of school. She can do it too!

And why wasn’t I following you on Instagram???!!! I’m sure that I was…now rectified.

Shalagh Hogan

Yes, yes, and yes.


I love this challenge. I have several different small projects like this that I’ve done periodically and always find it to be a perfect inspiring challenge that’s do-able to stick with. Like what you’re doing!

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