You know of Kate‘s work, right? I’m such a big fan.

A few years ago, she was the first speaker at Portland Creative Mornings, and the talk she gave is a wonderful overview of her work and of how and why constraints can allow us to thrive when it comes to making stuff.

We just need to find the kinds of rules and constraints that work for us, naturally. This year, it’s the relative lack of structure that’s led me to finally succeed in my daily #yearofmaking project (for which my one rule is to make something every day, doesn’t matter what), but my success with that project has also led me to succeed, so far, in doing the index-card-a-day challenge for June and July. That’s certainly more specific than to make anything, and I’ve surprised myself for only missing one day so far – and I intend to make that day up before the end of the project. As surprising to me is that I’m not always counting my index card as my made-thing-of-the-day, which means that some days I’m making even more stuff than I might have otherwise.

Have you done a daily challenge of some sort? What were your rules? How did it go?

PS I interviewed Kate for Make It Mighty Ugly, and I’m so stoked to meet her in person, finally, when she hosts/moderates our book-tour event at Powell’s in October!

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