I have more blog post topics swimming in my head than I can keep track of – so many that I end up not writing any of them at all. Which, dumb.

So I’ve decided just to write this post, as a way of breaking the ice. Hopefully it’ll do the trick, and in coming days I’ll wow you with posts about Knit City and teaching and making a duct-tape dress form; things I’ve been knitting; a book update; an idea I had in the shower this morning about an ebook I may want to write; editing projects; general work-related thoughts; and a now seasonally inappropriate Halloween follow-up.

Tell me, what are you up to these days? Making stuff? Reading anything interesting? Better yet, reading anything riveting?

More soon.

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Just read The Rosie Project. Loved it even though there were tears. It took a light hearted look at a very serious topic and was really well done.


i just finished shadows by robin mckinley and loved it. it reminded me a lot of her book sunshine, which is one of my favorite books. i also read cartwheel which was compelling and i have mixed feeling about it.

i am also making stuff. always. and writing. always.


Just finished Night Circus, which was WONDERFUL! Also, taking November for personal projects.. which means that November is flying by and I still haven’t gotten to them…

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