Me: *shuffling piles around* *mumbling to self*

Owen’s lovely babysitter*: What are you looking for? Maybe I’ve seen it.

Me: Just a book. I haven’t actually seen it in a while, so no worries. Really, what I need to do is not read that book right now. It’ll probably just be listed as a resource in my book, and I don’t need it right now for that. What I really need to do is stop looking for books under piles and just write my book.

OLB: Have you written a book before?

Me: Yes, but this one is different. This one is the most important to me. It’s my ideas. My writing. My putting together of other people’s ideas. I love it. I want people to love it. And so I’m terrified I’ll fail to do it right and so I’m not writing it which is CRAZYPANTS because this fear of failing is exactly what the book is about and this kind of meta situation right here is making my head spin!

OLB: *laughs politely*

Me: I’m going to blog about this! And then I’m going to write my book!

OLB: *laughs for real* *at me*

* Daycare starts next week, you guys. This is going to change EVERYTHING.

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Bridget Benton

It’s kind of like you’re in my head.

I must have had this conversation (except, with myself) at least a hundred times while I was working on my book.

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