Tuesday night I spoke about Mighty Uglyish things at a new gallery here in Vancouver called Hot Art Wet City. It was my favourite kind of talk, in that the discussion part of it lasted far longer than the speaking-at-people part. It was a small group and we had a meaty conversation; I left with a lot to think about.

One thing we discussed is what my friend Boris live-tweeted me calling the industry of gloss. I had mentioned the jealousy lots of crafts bloggers have been writing about recently, and admitted it’s not something I’ve really experienced myself. Perhaps that’s because I’m a natural skeptic, and I’m inclined always to look through the gloss to what might be the reality behind it. When a blogger who works at home with her three kids never has crumbs on her counter, it just never occurs to me that her counter really never has crumbs on it. I mean, kudos to you if your home is spotless all the time, but I don’t much mind that mine isn’t.

Anyway, I said I was going to take a photo of my desk, without tidying it or otherwise styling it in any way. Maybe I’d ask all my readers to do the same, so we can pull back the curtain on that industry of gloss a little. Will you do it?

Will you blog or tweet or Facebook or pin or Instagram a photo of your workspace in its current condition? Say yes! Hashtag it #NoGloss and leave a comment with a link so everyone can see!

I guarantee no one will judge you. Like the relief we feel when someone we respect tells us about a mistake they made, I guarantee you this will be an exercise in collective catharsis. Or your money back!

So. I took this photo first thing yesterday morning. (I’d intended to publish this post yesterday, but I got derailed by my little rant.)

photo of my messy desk

Your turn!

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