1995 Nissan Pathfinder

Last week in my brief interview on the Craftsy blog, I mentioned our dream plan to buy a tiny ’70s fiberglass camper trailer and fix it up. (Oh crap, did I fail to mention here on the blog that I was a guest pinner for Craftsy last week? I pinned on a different theme each day! See them all here.)

Well isn’t it perfect timing that this week we took the first huge step to realizing the dream?

We’ve been a one-car family since we moved to Vancouver eleven years ago, and we never had a desire or need for a second car. But our wee Honda Fit is simply not equipped nor rated to pull even a lightweight fiberglass camper trailer, especially on the hills and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

So we bought a ’95 Pathfinder from a super nice guy. It has a manual transmission, and everything!

I have pangs about gas efficiency, but we won’t be driving the truck much. It won’t be a second car, really. It’ll be like a holiday car. It’ll be like the airplane we won’t be taking. It’ll be our ticket to exploring the vast wonder of this stunning land.

Once we clean it. A lot.

We call our Honda Fit the TARDIS, since it’s seriously bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I’m lobbying hard to call the shiny, only slightly rusty new 18-year-old car Serenity. Naturally.

I’ve been keeping track of camper stuff on Pinterest, if you’re interested in following along. Once we do some work in our backyard to make a place to park the truck and camper, we’ll shift into full-on camper-scouting mode. We hope to have a setup ready for at least a trip or two this summer!

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Amanda Milne

This is only one of the things I like about you Kim; you don’t just talk about dong things, you DO them! Congrats on Serenity, she’s a beaut. ;)


Nice!! I am super excited for you guys! dont worry about the gas milage to much. there is so many cool places around here that are less then 1/2 a tank away, and a camper means cheap/free accommodations when you get there! It pays for its self really! :)

Tonja Brice

I too have a Fit (her name is LC which stands for Little Car) and have been thinking about a very small pull-behind. I’m itching to take a camping tour around Lake Michigan this summer to visit lighthouses on the Michigan side. But congrats on your purchase…some of my fondest memories growing up were of my family camping – I’m sure you’ll make some great memories in the years to come!

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