And I loved every stitch of it (see the project details on Ravelry). I’m going to gush now. Brace yourself.

Hone Cowl, Close-up

I love the yarn (Madeline Tosh tosh merino, in Logwood). I love how the yarn loved my Addi Turbos. I love the fabric. I love how simple the pattern is.

I love that I was so desperate to keep knitting that I “calculated” how many more rounds I could squeeze out of the one skein of yarn. And I love that I was wrong by half a round. And I love that I’m so flippin’ consistent in my colour preferences that I had a similarly coloured (Tosh, no less!) yarn going for another project, so I stole a few yards of it. I love that I don’t care that this pinch-hitting yarn is a different texture.


I used to wonder why people would choose to knit the same pattern over and over again (or, you know, even just twice), but now I know.

I want to make 700 of these.


4 responses to “I made a Honey Cowl!”

  1. Erin Slonaker Avatar

    I just finished a Honey Cowl–actually I was going to shoot it today but it’s rainy so I’ll try tomorrow–and do not feel the same way :) It’s lovely; I just don’t want to knit it again!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      It’s funny how we respond so differently to projects, as crafters. There have been so many wildly popular designs I’ve simply hated making. And others I made bad decisions about (Clapotis in a mohair blend – that was a genius move).

      It’s possible I want an excuse to buy *two* skeins of Tosh to make a long Honey Cowl next time. #crack

  2. Karli Anderson Avatar

    It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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