photo of finished WWII Watch Cap

It’s not really all that exciting, but it’s for my father-in-law for Hanukkah, so in that regard I’m considering myself a hero for knitting it on time for the planned Saturday delivery this coming weekend. Here are the project details on Ravelry.

In other news, I must whine to you for a moment, because I’m losing a days-long battle with a cold of unknown name. Said cold has finally stopped tormenting my kid, and I’ve been keeping it at bay, allowing only a minor throat tickle or headache through my fairly strong defenses, but yesterday afternoon the sneezing started, and my brain is, as I write this, filling with cotton. Whine whine whine. I hate losing to you, stupid cold.

It was pointed out to me today under, let’s face it, not the best of contexts, that I haven’t been blogging very regularly of late. Thankfully, the year-end is looming, and with it will come my annual lists and look-backs, and with those will come explanations. Nothing juicy, don’t get all excited or anything. But it’s been a heckuva year. One that, hopefully, will prove in its relative uneventfulness to be a solid foundation for next year, a year that I hope will prove to be eventful in only joyful ways.

I’ve been living under a rock, so tell me: What are you thinking about as the end of 2012 approaches. Go ahead, spill. I’d really like to chat.

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