Halloween costume in progress

I have a list of posts to write. A list! It’s not short! But I’m ignoring it to just pop my head in and say, in case this blog is the only indication you have online of my continued existence, that I’m not dead.

There’s been little sleeping going on past the ass-crack of dawn in our house, and these offensively early mornings are taking their toll on my ability to think straight. Which kinda means that I’m talking crazy a lot of the time now (more so than usual), and going to bed at like 9pm and still, thanks to some inflexible circadian rhythm or something, never feeling rested when the ass-crack of dawn rolls around.

But. I’m making Owen’s Halloween costume again this year, and thankfully it’s a super simple one. Kid’s in love with Waldo. Spends time every day finding him in the pages of my hardcover book from 1989. So I’ve knitted him a hat (no photos yet) and I’ve just painted stripes on a shirt (see photo), and I have some glasses I hope he’ll put on his face for at least a few photos.

In addition, I’m spending much of my time trying to make Taco Hat TV a reality. So there’s that. And also there are other nifty things I’ll tell you about when I get around to tackling that list of posts.

So. In sum: not dead, psyched for Halloween.

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