When I sewed the last felt spot onto Owen’s hat on Monday, I kinda sorta burst into tears. I’d made my kid’s first Halloween costume, dude. I felt like a god.

Granted, I had a lot of help.

Help #1: The pattern for the hat, by Michele Wilcox for Coats & Clark. (It’s intended to be a dragon, but I left off the tail and anyway, he’s a dinosaur, okay?) The pattern is written in one size, for a toddler. My kid has a very, very big head. More crochet details on Ravelry.

Help #2: My friend Samantha who was as excited for Owen’s first Halloween as I was. She offered to keep an eye out for a purple outfit that might go with the hat. (My original plan, see, was just to make the hat and leave it at that.) Last week she phoned me from a thrift store in another city and said, “There’s this purple velour suit,” and I barely let her finish the sentence before I was all, “Get it!” Little did either of us know that it would match the hat almost perfectly.

Help #3: Greg, who said, “Why don’t you just use felt for the spots instead of spending hours crocheting them all?” And though I wanted to crochet them so that the hat and suit would be washable, I admitted he was right. I never would have finished it all if I hadn’t been able to do all the spots in just an hour.

Help #4: My Mighty Ugly stash, which had within it some green felt in the perfect colour.

Et voilà. A comfortable, spotted purple dinosaur costume.

Isn’t he menacing, all reading and everything?


He’s going to wear this hat all season, too.

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