When I sewed the last felt spot onto Owen’s hat on Monday, I kinda sorta burst into tears. I’d made my kid’s first Halloween costume, dude. I felt like a god.

Granted, I had a lot of help.

Help #1: The pattern for the hat, by Michele Wilcox for Coats & Clark. (It’s intended to be a dragon, but I left off the tail and anyway, he’s a dinosaur, okay?) The pattern is written in one size, for a toddler. My kid has a very, very big head. More crochet details on Ravelry.

Help #2: My friend Samantha who was as excited for Owen’s first Halloween as I was. She offered to keep an eye out for a purple outfit that might go with the hat. (My original plan, see, was just to make the hat and leave it at that.) Last week she phoned me from a thrift store in another city and said, “There’s this purple velour suit,” and I barely let her finish the sentence before I was all, “Get it!” Little did either of us know that it would match the hat almost perfectly.

Help #3: Greg, who said, “Why don’t you just use felt for the spots instead of spending hours crocheting them all?” And though I wanted to crochet them so that the hat and suit would be washable, I admitted he was right. I never would have finished it all if I hadn’t been able to do all the spots in just an hour.

Help #4: My Mighty Ugly stash, which had within it some green felt in the perfect colour.

Et voilà. A comfortable, spotted purple dinosaur costume.

Isn’t he menacing, all reading and everything?


He’s going to wear this hat all season, too.

13 responses to “Attack of the Baby Dinosaur!”

  1. Harriet Avatar

    Great costume! Love that you actually made the hat and the spots ;-) (nice work Greg!)

  2. JaimeG Avatar

    Ah, Owen is so cute! And the handcrafted costumes are always the best. Store-bought usually is made from the cheapest materials. Kudos!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      So true, Jaime! I was disappointed to see very few homemade costumes amongst our many trick-or-treaters this year. Sigh.

  3. Sarah (mrsgryphon) Avatar

    Excellent work! We made our girls’ their costumes this year, too – more fun for everyone involved, I think :)

  4. Fanie Avatar

    OOoh! That’s one scary dinosaur! ;-D !

    You must be so proud to have made your kid’s first Halloween costume! And it looks so awesome and cool! I bet he’s going to love theses pictures when he’ll be all grown up. Go, you! :-)

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thank you! And yes, I LOVE that I made his costume. It’s like my crafty identity was tied up in that, or something.

  5. Dawnmarie Avatar

    It’s darling.   And I’d just stick to the story that baby dinosaurs grow their tails as they grow, they don’t start out with them.   See  – 6 months from now, that dino would have a small tail, he just hasn’t grown it yet.  ;-)

  6. penny Avatar

    he is adorables. 

  7. Josh Avatar

    Kudos, Kim! Owen is absolutely adorable. RAWR, indeed!

  8. Csundquist Avatar


  9. Chelsea Norquay Avatar

    Oh.My.God. I might die of adorableness.

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