Help make Taco Hat TV!It’s a ridiculous name but a great idea. I’ve teamed up with filmmaker Ben Z Cooper to make a pilot season of a DIY web show for creative people and makers. Pretty much, it’s the DIY show I want to watch. It’s about skills, not projects. It’s about understanding how things work so we can make new stuff and fix or hack existing stuff.

It’ll cost us about $9,000 to make the eight-episode pilot season here in Vancouver, and we’ve outlined the whole budget over on our Indiegogo page. It seems simultaneously like a ton of money and like not a lot of money. My emotions have no idea what to do with that.

Please go take a look at our plan. If you know and trust my work and want to see this show get made, we appreciate every dollar you part with to help make it happen. And we’ll credit you and send you fun stuff. I mean, how could it not be fun, right? It’s called TACO HAT.

Please share the project and tell your friends and family about it! We’d really love to see what we can do with this show, and we think you’ll learn great stuff and enjoy yourself to boot. Follow the project on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for way more fun times!

Here’s the wee video we made to introduce the idea. There’sĀ loads more info over at Indiegogo.

Fire away any questions you have!

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