I’ve taken to walking in the woods. One morning a few weeks ago, I found myself scrutinizing the trail I was on and I remembered that when I was a teenager, I’d often find myself doing the opposite. As a kid, I was always looking at the sky.

Forest path

I had a lot on my mind the morning of this particular walk, and much of it had to do with how I was going to make money after my big editing contracts end. I was a bit at a loss, but at the same time I was excited by the open-ended opportunity.

And, looking up from that trail, I rediscovered the cliché. (It doesn’t matter which cliché, there are a bunch that say the same thing.)


You can still see the path ahead when you look up beyond the trees.

For me, this is a far healthier and happier perspective.

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I know exactly how you feel. Strangely, I’ve been meaning to email you lately to see how you’re doing, as it’s been forever. Methinks you’ll see in an email in your inbox from me soon. :) And as for looking up and ahead at the same time, that’s how we see everything that’s coming at us fully, by taking it *all* in, vs. sticking our heads in the sand or picking one path over another. Healthier? Indeed. xx

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