Land and Sea

Last week, for the first time in years, I lost an Addi crochet hook. It’s not the cost of these hooks that makes them so dear to me, it’s that I love them so much I can barely entertain the possibility of using another brand[1. Except for Denise Interchangeables. I don’t use those very often, but I’ve been obsessed with thoughts of Tunisian crochet lately, and I anticipate using them a lot more in coming months.].

The lost hook was, of course, the hook I was using on my Land and Sea blanket. I was bereft. It was such a busy week that it was two and a half days before I could replace it.

Which is all to say that I haven’t made as much progress on this blanket as I’d hoped to by now. But I’m still almost desperately in love with it. And I just discovered the fourth season of Being Erica[2. I bet you’ve never heard of it, Americans. It’s one of the few outstanding Canadian shows I’ve seen in recent years, part of a category I like to think of as quirky-fantastical-100%-Canadian-or-at-least-heavily-Canadian-shows-sometimes-with-a-female-lead. Keeping it company in this genre are Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me. An added bonus of Being Erica is that Erica works in publishing.] on Netflix, so I’m looking ahead to a season’s worth of progress coming up. Mmm.

Land and Sea

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Love Being Erica! I read somewhere that they’re remaking it for US television. I don’t think it’ll be quite the same!


Love the. Stich love learn how. To. Do. It


I just bought this pattern and was reading thru it and I’m confused. It doesn’t read like it’s Tunesian crochet. But it doesn’t say to turn at the end of a row either. Help!

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