Today I published my final blog post at, nearly eight years after I launched the site. I’m feeling awash in bittersweetness.

8 responses to “Farewell, Crochet Me”

  1. Karlia Avatar

    Bittersweetness is a good discription.  Kim, you will always be my first crochet hero.  Thanks for all you have done so far for the crocheters and crafters of the world.  I look forward to whatever you do next.

  2. Annette Avatar

    It’s always bittersweet to turn a page. That rant you published on a whim, the initiative you took without knowing where it would lead you, changed your life – and other people’s lives, too. Like mine!
    I’m looking forward to see what you will be doing next. I have no idea what it might be, but I know it will be interesting!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Annette. I continue to hope we’ll meet in person some day in the not-too-distant future. Working with you across continents and forming a friendship with you will forever be one of the treasures of Crochet Me that I hold dear.

      1. EL Avatar

        And thanks for bringing Annette’s work to all of us. And Robyn’s, and Amy’s, and Megan’s…

  3. Vashti Braha Avatar
    Vashti Braha

    Bittersweet for me too!

  4. Susan D Avatar
    Susan D

    I will look forward to what is coming next but I hope you know it will be sorely missed!

  5. Rebecca A. Watson Avatar

    It sounds weird, but congratulations! When one thing ends, it leaves room for new and even more awesome things! Nice work :D

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      It doesn’t sound weird at all. Thank you!

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