Owen’s 30th day is this coming week, and there’s a chance the paperwork will be a bit delayed. No cause for panic, but we’re going to continue to lay low.

While we do that, and I master the art of blogging one-handed and praise the Kobo app on my iPhone that provides effortless one-handed reading, I thought I’d show off three yarn projects I’ve completed in the last few weeks. And I’ll sneak in a photo of the baby, whose cheeks are fattening up daily. I’m very lucky to be able to poke and kiss them whenever I want.

Project the First: Crocheted Lace Shawl

This is the shawl I started making for my new sister-in-law over the summer and watched, like, three straight (heh) seasons of The L Word in December to finish. More details over at CrochetMe.com and on Ravelry.

Project the Second: Giant Wool Granny Square Throw

I started this in the fall of 2009 and finished it fairly quickly, save for weaving in the ends. Now it lives on my in-laws’ sofa. More details at CrochetMe.com and on Ravelry.

Project the Third: Wee Knitted Baby Blanket

This is the project I started back when we were going through our adoption application last spring, then I put it down with only around twenty rows left to go. I picked it up when Owen came along, and it took me two weeks to knit those rows. About which I feel triumphant, thankyouverymuch. More on Ravelry.

Oh look, crafts!
This is what I like to call his “puh-puh-puh-pucker face, puh-puh-pucker face”.

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He is so freaking adorable! I have a 5 month old and can’t believe you got all that done since he arrived! I’m still finishing up knitting Christmas gifts :)


Beautiful shawl, Kim. And beautiful baby as well, but that pretty much goes without saying. :)

Even though my youngest nephew is about to turn 14, I still remember when my sister and her husband got the call that they had been picked. They did have a couple of days at least to get from Nelson to Abbotsford, but full of preparations since they had waited so long they had given up expecting a call and had virtually nothing ready for him, having given away most of his older brother’s clothes, etc., a few years earlier. I was so happy to meet him when he was just two days old.

I wish you continued joy with Owen. From your posts and tweets, I can tell you are loving, compassionate and have a sense of humour – some of the best qualities to have as a person and especially as a parent, in my opinion.


And way to go with those last 2 rows…I can’t believe you found any knitting time at all!


A precious baby and beautiful projects. Just what I needed to perk up my Monday. Congrats again Kim!

Cora Shaw

Wow he is adorable! Congratulations and here is hoping all goes through!


I love the pucker face (and, of course, your knitted/crocheted creations). My little guy made that face, too, and I was so sad when he outgrew it. Enjoy!


Adorable. And you have been very productive; how impressive!

Rachel Schwartz

These are wonderful. I wish I could make pretty, useful things. Great to see that you’re enjoying Owen – his third cousin is expected to arrive in about six months.

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