Remember back when I launched a podcast? You know, the podcast that only ever had one episode? Yeah. Would you believe that I’ve wanted to play around with web video for years? I bet you would believe that, yes. And I bet you’d also understand why, given my one-episode podcast, I may have shied away from diving in. Novelty junkies shouldn’t be trusted to make long-term commitments.

So take this all with a grain of salt, but here’s the deal.

I was finally kicked in the patootey to take up my digicam when the lovely marketing director at Adobe Ideas asked me to. Flattery is like cookies, see. She asked if I’d consider telling the story of how I used their app to design my screens, from my summer screen-printing extravaganza.

Now, yes. Ordinarily, I’d be very cynical about such a request. I’d probably spare no time deliberating a tweet that would go something like, “Damn massive companies shouldn’t ask bloggers to do their advertising work FOR FREE.”

So here’s why I didn’t hesitate to agree to do the video:

It was an excuse to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, regardless of whether it would benefit someone else.

Adobe wasn’t asking for the rights to my video. They gave me no specs I had to follow. So really, I was kicked in the ass to make my first (and only? stay tuned…) videoblog post, I can post said post anywhere I want, and they can post it, too. Also, I felt genuinely cared-about by the marketing director. She didn’t ask me to do this out of the blue. We’d already been in touch about the app, and she fell prey to none of the stupid things marketers do when they want something from bloggers. I respect her a lot, and I’ve enjoyed our occasional witty email exchanges. I’m sorry to see them end, really. Also, I honestly love the app.

Finally? Dude. They’re Adobe. Adobe posting my wee video has the potential to reach a ton of people who don’t already frequent this here blog. Maybe you’re one of them. Hello!

Moving on. This project was tremendously fun and informative. For example, I had a very elaborate plan for it. I storyboarded my elaborate plan. I even filmed half the storyboarded bits. And it sucked. Like, horribly. It was the most boring video in the history of Ritz crackers.

That was a huge lesson. Even though I’m talking really slowly and lack energy at the beginning of this clip, believe me when I say it’s downright riveting compared to my first go.

So. Lesson the second: Just record and go. The reason I didn’t do more podcasts was that I’m a perfectionist in storytelling, especially when it’s someone else’s story. An hour’s worth of interviews takes me several hours to edit. My goal with this videoblog: No more than two hours spent on each episode, total. I shot this first bit in one go, then edited it. It was quick and dirty, which is apparent. I’ll get better at it. I’ll be energetic out of the gate in the next one, that’s for sure. My goal is to get them out. Perfectionism is my nemesis.

I already have ideas for Videoblog posts numbers two and three. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

Regardless, are you even interested to see these? I mean, your lack of interest might not stop me, but I’d be lying if I said your positive interest wouldn’t energize me.

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