I’ve decided to call it Episode 1, which would seem to imply I’m planning on having an Episode 2. So, you know. Yay, podcasting.

home-ec.jpgIn this first episode, I talk with Jenny Ryan about all the projects she has going on—a truly diverse array. She’s blogging professionally, runs the urban craft fair Felt Club, has a new book out, and just teamed up with a brick-and-mortar store. And after we talk about all that, we geek out over Buffy, Dollhouse, and Freaks and Geeks. (Jenny and I actually first talked online last summer during the let’s-do-a-Joss-Whedon interview adventure. So, you know. Fun!)

To win a copy of Jenny’s book Sew Darn Cute, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner. But wait! At the end of the podcast I tell you how you could win an extra prize, too. So have a listen, and fire off a comment with that extra special info so you can win extra big. ETA: I’ll draw the random name around 5PM Pacific time on Monday, 23rd February.

Also, as I mentioned to Jenny in the interview, raise your hand if Buffy is your go-to crafting show. There’s no prize, or anything, but you know, we’re just curious.

To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or anywhere else, check out the sidebar here.

I’m very pleased that the audio quality on this, my second proper recorded interview, far exceeds that of my first. That said, it ain’t perfect, but I’m learning. Also, I think the jingle I threw together might be eye-poking-out annoying. Thank you for your patience.

What we talked about:

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Totally with you on Groundhog Day, Kim :-)


“We've Got Spirit”, of course. ;)


argh. I cannot download you podcast from the office (our security filter is annoying above all). I have to wait 'till the end of the day. Frustration

Guido from Boston

Great show… the audio is very clear and the content is fun. nuff said.. :)


Wow, what a nice podcast! You are deefinitely a multi-faceted person. I am enjoying watching your new endeavors……it's very inspiring!


Kim, that's too weird – I was just thinking my one movie would be Groundhog Day and that would be an unusual choice..! And my favourite Buffy episode is Once More, With Feeling – I thought a musical episode was a terrible idea and that I would hate it but, of course, Joss turned it into a thing of genius. I can't get the songs out of my head even now.


Fixin' to listen right now…
My go to crafting show is Gilmore Girls, or the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.


Great show, very impressed with the audio quality.


Buffy is absolutely my go-to crafting show, to the surprise of no one.

(It was originally Firefly, though! I made my first afghan during a Firefly re-watch.)


Kim, I'm loving the vibe of your podcast!
“sometimes life just favors those with excellent taste in TV” – ha!

I'm just watching Buffy for the first time, so it's not my go-to yet. Because spinning requires some attention-paying, my go-to show is something like Sex & the City or the Gilmore Girls or Project Runway. My I'm-sick-and-just-want-to-stare-at-the-screen-movie is Wayne's World. Party on!

And my fave episode of Freaks is probably Tricks + Treats – Sam's last grasp at childhood is *so* sweet and his lowest moment is *so* heart-wrenching. Oy. I just love Sam!

Laurie May Coyle

loved the podcast/interview — awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on Jenny's book!

I have just finished the entire season of Freaks & Geeks from netflix and I think my favorite episode was the second one “Beers and Weirs” where Lindsay throws a party when her parents are away. I always wanted to do that but never had the guts! And the fake beer… hilarious!


I listened to your nameless podcast this morning in my car. I love your laugh, you made me laugh out loud! Great show, interesting interview. Would love to get my hands on that book. I have never seen either of the shows you mention but my favourite is The Office. The one where Michael organizes a “run for rabies” is hilarious.


Kim – superbly done! Good sound, editing, etc. Very well done! Not a Buffy gal but love me those Freaks and Geeks!


Thanks for the podcast. I really loved hearing Jenny talk about making being crafty a full-time job. It got my mind thinking so much that I made my husband listen as well.

The audio quality on the call was great, but it sounds like you were recording in a empty room. A bit of sound dampening material would likely help that a bit. Fabric, blankets, pillows, rugs etc are great. Pretty much anything that muffles sound rather than giving it something to bounce off of. But, I was impressed :)

Haven't watched Freeks and Geeks yet, will have to see about ordering it. My favorite buffy episode is Doppelgangland. I loved vampy Willow.


What a great crafty podcast! Subscribed to your RSS feed :)

I've only seen the first season of Buffy (sadly!) but I love Firefly and Dollhouse.
Freaks and Geeks sounds really good :)


I'm definitely listening to this in the morning… I have been catching up on Freaks and Geeks over Netflix so I totally got excited when I read about this :) When Buffy first came out I was totally addicted and at then high school (and Dawson's Creek) happened I regret what inevitably happened to my imagination and creativity for a while… I keep meaning to watch the episodes I never saw and at some point that will happen… hopefully. Especially since my boyfriend's DVDs of Firefly and then the birth of Dr. Horrible refreshed my love of Joss Whedon :)


I'm With the Band — because way back when I sort of was….


looking forward to listening to the podcast :)


Can't wait to check out your podcast


I just subscribed to blog and podcast (will listen to it later on my mp3) Keep the podcast coming and count me on the book give away!!!


Great podcast! What fun you guys must have. Thanks again!

Stardust B.

Loved the podcast. My fav. Buffy episode is Hush. Very creepy.


That book looks sweet!


Fabulous podcast! Buffy is definitely one of my go-to craft shows, for exactly the reason Jenny says. Favorite episode is hard – I love the Halloween one where Buffy is a useless lady from the 1800s (and I love that Zander retains some of his military knowledge from that episode in later episodes). But, my fav has to be Once More With Feeling. Too brilliant for words.

Freaks and Geeks was a little to realistic in the high school angst department for me. I loved it, but found it painful too.

Other go-to shows/movies for crafting: Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, and Ever After. I've seen both an ungodly number of times.


Congrats! – a great podcast!

I don't know the name of any episode – even if I love Buffy. The name in Norwegian is probably not the same as the name in English anyway ;)

Erin Ferree

Yes, I am a Buffy crafter as well. Tabula Rasa is one of my faves.


Choosing my favorite episodes is way too hard (partly because I am taking it way too seriously). For F&G I'm going to go with “Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers” mostly because that's the episode with “Lady L”. And Buffy… Tabula Rasa is a really good one… argh, I can't choose.

I will tell you that my go-to crafty movies are, and this is kind of embarrassing, “Wayne's World” and “The Muppet Movie”.


I can't sew either, but any crafter who's a Whedon fan's okay in my book! If I could sew I would make a slinky dress . . . ;)


kudos on #2!!


amanda allen

the question i have not yet found the answer to is where do i find cute white dishtowels to embroider :-(


Thanks for sharing. Love the podcast.

Steffany P.

That was fun!
My craft-fantastic show is always Firefly.
“Also, I can kill you with my brain…. ” (Sorry, whenever I mention Firefly, random quotes fly right out of my mouth…LOL)

Deadly Knitshade

I have a tiny Hello Kitty sewing machine I have never used. Sew Darn Cute sounds like it would be the perfect book to introduce it to the world with.

Love the podcast. Inspiring to hear about someone making it to the quit your day job stage through craft. :)

As for fave Buffy episode I am a Firefly girl. So have only just realised I really should sit down for a Buffy marathon and catch up with more Whedon. Kinda nice to think I have the entire unwatched set of seven series in front of me, eh?


Very much enjoyed this nameless audio fun.
I've never watch Freaks and Geeks, and the only episode of Buffy that I ever saw was the one where Willow comes out. The internets tell me that one's called New Moon Rising.
My favorite show to watch while crafting is Mythbusters. They're more makers than crafters on the show, but it gets me wanting to create either way. I love when Discovery runs marathons!


I have been getting Buffy via netflix and am currently in season 5. I think my favorite episode so far is Innocence and the one after it. I am a big sucker for evil Angel.

Also, great job on your first podcast.


I will be listening to the podcast right after dinner.


Ooh yay. Can't wait to listen!

Greg Werker

Favourite Buffy episode is “Normal Again”. But I don't think I'm eligible to win.


I finally got to listen to this podcast. Very well done. The book sounds adorable. Alas, I know it's blasphemy and I have never seen either of those shows.


welcome to podcasting! looking forward to hearing more.

my go-to crafting show is definitely the simpsons! i haven't seen either of those shows..


Great Interview. I couldn't help but answer the bonus question…..”Once More With Feeling”


Excellent podcast! I kept marking this blog post unread in my reader because I didn't have a chunk of time to listen until now. I'm so glad I did. I'm really looking forward to hearing the next one.

I also just watched the first 2 Dollhouse episodes last night, and am thinking it may be a show I could get into. For now, my go-to craft show to watch is Bones, I love it! …though I do have to say, I adore the West Wing too, particularly the first couple of seasons.

Anyway, I just have to say it again, I loved the interview!


This was a great podcast. I totally understood what Jenny Ryan meant about wanting to be an enabler.


This was a great podcast. I totally understood what Jenny Ryan meant about wanting to be an enabler.


This was a great podcast. I totally understood what Jenny Ryan meant about wanting to be an enabler.




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