As you well know because I won’t shut up about it this summer, pancreatic cancer runs in my family on my dad’s side. Because of this, my father has both participated as a subject in research into familial pancreatic cancer, and for the last several years has received regular screenings of his pancreas. There’s no simple early-detection test for the disease, which is why its dreadful five-year survival rate is only 5%.

Every September, my parents help put on a fundraiser for the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, which helps to fund explorations into early-detection, treatment and cure. Sometimes I fly out to Albany, NY, to walk the walk with them, and sometimes I help raise funds from afar. I hadn’t been planning to attend the walk this year, but since Dad had such good timing with his surgery, I’ll be there for it on Sunday. (Live near Albany, NY? Come walk with me! It’s easy to register!)

The crafts community has been totally awesome in helping to raise funds – and, importantly, awareness – too. Check out the Pancreatic Craftacular! Go shopping!

And now, here’s a more general shebang. A couple of people offered to donate some amazing yarn and fibre, and I think the best way to have fun with it and raise money is to give it away.

My friend Amanda recently moved (you may recognize her from the last contest I ran here). And as many people feel compelled to do when they move, Amanda needs to destash. The first prize in the contest is over $300 worth of Amanda’s stash.

Rachel from Dyeabolical® hasn’t recently moved, to my knowledge. But she still wants to give some fibre away. Because she’s awesome. So the second prize is $65 worth of her hand-dyed wool for spinning, and a spindle. So even if you don’t spin, you’ll be all set to learn. And if you do already spin, BONUS.

Contest & Fundraiser! Donate & you could win yarn or fibre!
Including: 1 ~4 oz. braid of wensleydale; 1 ~4 oz. braid of merino; 1 ~4 oz. braid of falkland; 1 Simple Market Farms sleeping beauty spindle

All you have to do to enter is this: Make a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation by following this link to sponsor me, or by supporting another participant in the fundraiser, or by buying from sellers in the Pancreatic Craftacular or by simply making a general donation to Lustgarten (it totally counts if you’ve already donated or bought things – you don’t have to do it again). Leave a comment on this post saying you made a donation or supported the Craftacular. No need to say how much you gave or what you bought; it’s just the donating that’s important. I trust you. It’s the honour system. Any donation or purchase counts equally, no matter how small or large. And as I said, it doesn’t matter if you made the donation yesterday or last week or last month, or if you make it today.

The contest closes on Monday, September 13th, 2010Wednesday, September 15th, at noon Pacific time.

After that, I’ll randomly draw two winners. It’s possible I’ll be traveling home at the time the contest ends, so I’ll ask you to be patient if winners aren’t contacted until Tuesday the 14th.

Go forth, yarn and fibre lovers, and help conquer pancreatic cancer!

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I bought some yarn from blond chicken during the fund raiser.


Thanks for the reminder, Kim – I just donated in honour of my maternal grandma I never met due to pancreatic cancer. She died less than a year before I was born and I so wish I’d been able to meet her.


I donated!


I bought (too much, lol) yarn from Yarnia. Technically it’s 1pm, but that’s CT so I’m hoping to slide in under the wire :-)


I donated! I’ve known too many loved ones lost from cancer. xo


I’d love to do this – who should I sponsor though on that page?


Great – I just donated! thanks

Hello! I participated by purchasing “Copine” and “Heartbeat” patterns, cannot wait to try them! Best of luck!

Natalie Servant

I donated.


I donated! God Bless!


My dad is a pancreatic cancer survivor – this december will be the 6-year mark, and his oncologist kicked him out last year…. I made a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation. Thank you for the work you’ve been doing, so people like my dad have a better chance.

Michelle K

I made a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer and I am also walking on 10/3/10. We lost our Aunt Dona from PC on 10/5/2006 just 3 months after she was diagnosed.. I would love to win this and i will use it for the basket im making to raffle off for Pancreatic Cancer…100% of the money we raise from the raffle baskets goes to PC research…


I bought some puzzle ball kits from Krafti-Kit. I am so happy to see you exceeded your initial goal and just kept on going! YAY!


I donated. I hope you reach your goal!


Just made a donation to your worthy cause. Hope the fundraising walk goes well today.


Aww I think this was an excellent idea and reward! I never win contests or anything, but I hope you succeed in your goal for this charity fundraiser – that I could help even a little was worth it. Sorry I could not afford any more than I contributed, I’m waiting for my next paycheck so funds are very crunched at the moment. =

The following summarizes your contribution:
Total Contribution Amount: $5.00
Reference ID: 113234811
Participant Credited: Kim Werker


Lydia Ondrusek

Just donated – thank you for not shutting up! Just because it runs in families doesn’t mean that’s the only way it hits! Stoopid cancer.


I’m in! Hope you have perfect weather for your walk :)

quinn on rav

Sandy Lopacki

I just made a pattern purchase in support of this wonderful project. This disease needs more public awareness and more research dollars. That is why, last year, the Princeton University rugby community supported pancreatic cancer research through its annual New Jersey state rugby tournament. Keep up the good work and thanks for this opportunity!


I donated!


I donated! I hope you reach your goal.


I donated in memory of my Dad, Jere Zoole, who died of pancreatic cancer.


Awesome! Donated, because cancer sucks.


I donated, and this is such a great cause. I hope you reach your goal, and have fun walking!


I donated toward your fundraiser in honor of my Gram.


I supported via the Craftacular.

Sally Carey

I made a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation – I wish you and your family lots of success in this endeavor. So many folks have succumbed to this silent killer. Thanks for doing this.

Sally Carey


I’m so late–I just found out about this, but I just bought a ring from Maked to help with the fundraising.


Donated via the Craftacular and Lee Meredith’s awesome patterns!

Leinlaa157 on Ravelry

I just wanted to say that I think this was a great idea and I’m glad to see you’ve made your goal in donations. I was happy to contribute. I hope that your father never ever gets cancer. We are losing my grandmother to the fight with cancer, and it’s heartbreaking.


I just made a donation in memory of my best friend’s mother. She managed to fight pancreatic cancer for three years before she lost her life. Thank you for bringing attention to this awful disease.


Made a donation! Good luck and hope you receive much more support!

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