Mander and Iris

This is Amanda with Iris the Gourmet Monster, by Rebeca Danger. Knit in Shepherd Bulky yarn in Unicorn Parade, held double on size 15US needles. (I swiped the photo from frecklegirl on Flickr.)

IMPORTANT: This contest is CLOSED. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

UPDATE: Due to my travel plans on Friday, the contest will close at noon, but a winner will not be drawn until later in the day. Any comments that come in after 12pm Pacific Time on Friday will be disqualified (but they’ll still make me happy).

You read that right, my little creative geniuses.

Let my friend the bulleted list outline the awesome for you:

  1. Lorna’s Laces has just introduced a new colourway for their yarns.
  2. They’ve named it UNICORN PARADE. (If you didn’t know, the people at Lorna’s Laces seriously know what’s cool. Amanda sent me a text with a pic of the new colourway ages ago. Because she loves me.)
  3. Amanda told me how they came up with the name: “We had come up with the color for Unicorn Parade a bit on a whim. Trying to brighten things up and find a great new little kids color*. We settled on the color combo and then over lunch one day decided it was time to name colors. Robot Overlord and Turtle Rodeo were obvious for their colors but we were stumped on the kids color. Then the obvious emerged. I mean seriously, have you seen anything ever look more like a Unicorn Parade? (Obviously without the glitter.)” Obviously.
  4. Because they love listening to yarnies’ feedback, Lorna’s Laces has started producing its much loved Shepherd Sock yarn in beefy 100g hanks (435 yards each!). That’s a whole pair of socks or a small shawl or a herd of amigurumi unicorns all from one hank.

Which leads us to your sparkly opportunity to win a 100g hank of Shepherd Sock yarn in the Unicorn Parade colourway.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post naming one creature, character or non-fiction person who should join the unicorn on parade. Multiple entries are welcome (each in a separate comment, please).

This will be a short contest, kids. Friday is my birthday, and it will make me happy to choose a winner on my birthday. So.

At 12-noon on Friday, July 9th, I will pick a comment at random (the comment must name a parade companion; if the chosen comment doesn’t, I’ll draw again).

For the rest of my birthday, I will be delighted imagining the unicorn parade we will have created all together. Thank you, in advance.

Good luck!

* Yes, Amanda totally implied I have a thing for little kids colours. To that I stick out my tongue and make a farting noise.

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