Mander and Iris
This is Amanda with Iris the Gourmet Monster, by Rebeca Danger. Knit in Shepherd Bulky yarn in Unicorn Parade, held double on size 15US needles. (I swiped the photo from frecklegirl on Flickr.)

IMPORTANT: This contest is CLOSED. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

UPDATE: Due to my travel plans on Friday, the contest will close at noon, but a winner will not be drawn until later in the day. Any comments that come in after 12pm Pacific Time on Friday will be disqualified (but they’ll still make me happy).

You read that right, my little creative geniuses.

Let my friend the bulleted list outline the awesome for you:

  1. Lorna’s Laces has just introduced a new colourway for their yarns.
  2. They’ve named it UNICORN PARADE. (If you didn’t know, the people at Lorna’s Laces seriously know what’s cool. Amanda sent me a text with a pic of the new colourway ages ago. Because she loves me.)
  3. Amanda told me how they came up with the name: “We had come up with the color for Unicorn Parade a bit on a whim. Trying to brighten things up and find a great new little kids color*. We settled on the color combo and then over lunch one day decided it was time to name colors. Robot Overlord and Turtle Rodeo were obvious for their colors but we were stumped on the kids color. Then the obvious emerged. I mean seriously, have you seen anything ever look more like a Unicorn Parade? (Obviously without the glitter.)” Obviously.
  4. Because they love listening to yarnies’ feedback, Lorna’s Laces has started producing its much loved Shepherd Sock yarn in beefy 100g hanks (435 yards each!). That’s a whole pair of socks or a small shawl or a herd of amigurumi unicorns all from one hank.

Which leads us to your sparkly opportunity to win a 100g hank of Shepherd Sock yarn in the Unicorn Parade colourway.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post naming one creature, character or non-fiction person who should join the unicorn on parade. Multiple entries are welcome (each in a separate comment, please).

This will be a short contest, kids. Friday is my birthday, and it will make me happy to choose a winner on my birthday. So.

At 12-noon on Friday, July 9th, I will pick a comment at random (the comment must name a parade companion; if the chosen comment doesn’t, I’ll draw again).

For the rest of my birthday, I will be delighted imagining the unicorn parade we will have created all together. Thank you, in advance.

Good luck!

* Yes, Amanda totally implied I have a thing for little kids colours. To that I stick out my tongue and make a farting noise.

126 responses to “Contest! Win Lorna’s Laces Unicorn Parade Yarn”

  1. wavybend Avatar

    I totally think that Boo from Monster Inc. would have the best time in the Unicorn Parade.

  2. Katydidknits Avatar

    It's just not a parade, unicorn or otherwise, without a Snoopy balloon!

  3. lynne Avatar

    I'm a fan of Pegasus, myself.

  4. Faerieflings Avatar

    Well obviously Reptar from the Rugrats will need to join the Unicorn!

  5. wavybend Avatar

    I also would love to see Neil Gaiman's take on a Unicorn Parade. I'd love to see the way he could re conceptualize it into something far more interesting than just about anyone else could imagine. Then of course he'd have to walk in the parade, because he's just awesome.

  6. Fezabel Avatar

    Happy birthday! I love all of the new colors. I can't decide which to buy first!

  7. Stephen Avatar

    Centaur, of course. They have lived too long in the shadow of the trendy unicorns and pegasi (or pegasuses?). And don't call them half human. They don't like that.

  8. Lydia Avatar

    Tortoises have always appreciated unicorns, and would surely parade with them. At the back, of course.

  9. Sewicked Avatar

    Fuzzy Sapiens (from H. Beam Piper) should completely be in that parade. They're cute, smart & their gold fur will contrast nicely.

  10. Karli Avatar

    I want to see Winnie the Pooh in this parade!

  11. Susan Avatar

    I don't want to be a copycat but I agree with katydidknits–it really ISN'T a parade without Snoopy!

  12. Yvonne Wilken Avatar

    I think that Archie the Argentinian Llama should be in the Unicorn Parade as Archie is very sassy.

  13. Kelley Avatar

    Fairies would have to fly above the whole parade, tossing fairy dust as they go.

  14. Kelley Avatar

    Fairies would have to fly above the whole parade, tossing fairy dust as they go.

  15. TaraSwiger Avatar

    Oh, you know Bilbo Baggins would be there with bells on!

    (also, did you change your site again? I like the background!)

  16. Sillylittlelady Avatar

    I think that Richard Simmons would have a blast being part of the Unicorn Parade! hehe, picture *that* ;)

  17. Margaret Briggs Avatar

    New Mexico's painted ponies ( would be rarin' to join the Unicorn Parade.

  18. Tiffany Rosson Avatar
    Tiffany Rosson

    I have to say that my favorite character of all time, Tinkerbell, belongs in every parade!

  19. Yarnsnob Avatar

    How about a Carebear? I don't the name but I had one with a rainbow on it's stomach.

  20. Skaro964 Avatar

    Elmo from Sesame Street is popular around here.

  21. Marcyhobbs Avatar

    I want a troll.

  22. Skaro964 Avatar

    Curious George might be another cute color way.

  23. Duncks Avatar

    A Star Bellied Sneech! And the plain ones, too. 8)

  24. Skaro964 Avatar

    Hansel and Grettle of fairy tale fame.

  25. Michelle Avatar

    Definitely Rainbow Brite!

  26. Jo Meijer Avatar

    I think there should be a Thunderbird and Firefox in the parade.

  27. Lgrabash Avatar

    The yarn would make a wonderful and colorful Smurf.

  28. Bubblesknits Avatar

    I asked my daughter who she thought should be in a Unicorn Parade (she's 5). She thinks Wendy from Peter Pan would love a Unicorn Parade. :)

  29. Getaclew Avatar

    I think there should be a Dragon in the Unicorn Parade.

  30. Cheekyredhead Avatar

    There needs to be a group of dancing pixies in the Unicorn Parade.

  31. Christy A. Avatar

    Jem and the Holograms need to provide the music for the Unicorn Parade.

  32. Monica (aka monnibo) Avatar

    Awesome contest!! We should totally bring along Bilbo and Gandalf!!!

  33. Mintdee Avatar

    Luto from the labrynth!!

    Happy Birthday :)

  34. Mandy W Avatar
    Mandy W

    I think that a whole caboodle of young Prince and Princesses should be in the parade, to accompany the unicorns!

  35. marianne Avatar


  36. marianne Avatar

    a bunch, er, herd? of My Little Ponies.

  37. marianne Avatar

    Captain Jack Sparrow

  38. marianne Avatar

    Franklin Habit's friend Dolores.

  39. Misha Grothe Avatar

    A fairy. Unicorns and fairies live together, you know.

  40. Thea Avatar

    Oscar Wilde. He's got the unicorn hair thing going on.

  41. marianne Avatar

    C.S. Lewis

  42. sam Avatar

    Stéphane Lambiel wearing his “magical zebra with wings” costume

  43. Caryl Avatar

    I think that Phineas and Ferb could do a lot for Unicorn parade.

  44. coffeedog Avatar

    Ok. I can't believe I'm the first to suggest Kim be in the parade, but, well, duh. (Not brownnosing. Nossir.) She could lead it, marching up front with a baton. What do you call that person? Drum major? Emcee? Anyway.

    Also: the nerd from Robot Chicken. Unless Seth Green wants to be in it himself, which, y'know, he just might.

  45. amanda m allen Avatar

    the tortoises should probably start at the front. then by the end of the parade they would be at the back. ;-)

  46. Corhoads Avatar

    Chunk from Goonies!!!

  47. Lise Avatar

    Lady Amalthea (from the Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle), because… well… just read the book.

  48. sam Avatar

    Charlie the Unicorn must be annoyed into being part of the parade.

  49. Liz O Avatar

    the wilds from “where the wild things are”, for starters.

  50. Kath Youell Avatar

    I totally want to win & feel like I really missed something when Val Kilmer was the 41st Bacchus for the Bacchus Parade last February. So please toss him in something regal atop a float in the Unicorn Parade. And toss me a hank of yarn!

    If you want to read about it:

  51. Cicely Smith Avatar

    the narwhal from Elf ~grin~

  52. Cicely Smith Avatar

    oOOo – the rock biter, from never ending story

  53. beccarowley Avatar

    Reepicheep! He is spectacular.

  54. sue Avatar

    Sock Monkey, In Colors! Can you imagine the joy!

  55. KF In Georgia Avatar
    KF In Georgia

    Puff, the Magic Dragon!

  56. Annaliza Avatar

    Michael Jackson!

  57. Melanie C Avatar

    That colourway just screams “Rainbow Brite” to me. So she should definitely be in the parade, with Starlite the horse. For those of you who are not children of the 80s, see: Although, looking back, those are terribly unoriginal names…

  58. Jo Meijer Avatar

    snowwhite and her seven little friends

  59. Cruz Avatar

    The Owl and the Pussycat in their boat, just like in the Far, far Away fabric line featuring the unicorn!

  60. Erica Avatar

    I think Kermit the Frog would love to ride the Unicorn on parade.

  61. A2zme Avatar

    Melchior, Ravirn's webgoblin, from the Webmage series by Kelly McCullough.

  62. Maroleesm Avatar

    Wizards go with Unicorns, and they are all purple, blue, and gold a very nice combo for yarn


  63. Maroleesm Avatar

    fairy whispers would go will with unicorns


  64. Beadlolabead Avatar

    Ferris Bueller . . . assuming he has the day off . . .

  65. kendra Avatar

    i had my mother wallpaper my bedroom with a border unicorns and flying rainbow streamers leaping through clouds and in front of a castle backdrop. the main wall paper for the room was tiny rainbow hearts. she tried to talk me out of it, but i think i was 6 and she had let me choose. so i submit that dancing hearts and rainbows and clouds should accompany (i'll even make some if you do the unicorns). happy birthday to you!

  66. kendra Avatar

    oh rats! i lost my comment. the answer is dancing clouds, hearts, and rainbows + unicorn on parade (just like the wallpaper i chose for my room when i was 6). and i will make some if you crochet the unicorn!

  67. Eva SB Avatar
    Eva SB

    You just can't have unicorns without a few dragons too.

  68. Sjcarey Avatar

    I think pink elephant waving a flag… Dumbo!

  69. Cassieknits4 Avatar

    Thank you, Melanie C!!! I was totally seeing “Rainbow Brite” in this parade . . . . along with a saytr or two . . . . or three. Wouldn't a knit Medussa sure be interesting?!

  70. Cassieknits4 Avatar

    I think My Little Pony also belongs in this parade . . .

  71. Maroleesm Avatar

    ok once I saw Pooh, being a Piglet fan, I think being Pooh's best friend Piglet must be there too

  72. marianne Avatar

    giant cupcakes with rainbow sparkles!

  73. marianne Avatar

    by this I mean people dressed up as giant cupcakes with rainbow sparkles.

  74. Natalie Avatar

    Dora the Explorer

  75. Ruby Cruse Avatar
    Ruby Cruse

    Since I spend lots of time with DJ Lance and the gang at Yo Gabba Gabba and these are some of the bright colors seen on that show, I would have to say Tootie, however you spell her name, would look adorable with some critters in the Unicorn Parade.

    Ruby Cruse (mzcruse on ravelry or mzcruse(at)gmail(dot)com)

  76. Christy A. Avatar
    Christy A.

    Screech from Saved by the Bell in his techno-colored pants would totally fit in!

  77. Christy A. Avatar
    Christy A.

    Don't forget to invite the Twelve Dancing Princesses!

  78. Lindsey Avatar

    I think that C. S. Lewis's Puddleglum would love a unicorn parade, he is such a positive marshwiggle after all.

  79. Hope Avatar

    This is a great question for great yarn! :D

    My first inclination would be to say Rainbow Bright or She-Ra.

    My second was Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files. He would be out of place, but hey, he's gone to the lands of the fae and survived. He could totally pull being in a Unicorn Parade off.

    And I would be remiss if I didn't express my love for the person who said she'd love to read Neil Gaiman's take on a Unicorn Parade. That would be fabulous.

  80. Carrie Avatar

    Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would enjoy a Unicorn Parade.

  81. christine Avatar

    The Smurfs!

  82. marianne Avatar

    there should be a humongous ball of yarn that a bunch of characters push along. it unravels the whole length of the parade.

  83. marianne Avatar

    there should be someone in an ice cream costume pushing an ice cream cart, giving away free ice cream cones to people watching the parade. also the participants in the parade get free ice cream later. or before. or during. or all of the above.
    is this not the most awesome parade ever??

  84. marianne Avatar

    I think I actually meant sprinkles. sparkly sprinkles!

  85. marianne Avatar

    oops, I meant to click reply, not like. I also meant that the humongous ball of yarn remains humongous at the end of the parade.

  86. marianne Avatar

    knitters and crocheters wearing either a knitting needle or crochet hook as a faux unicorn horn. they are in pursuit of the elusive humongous ball of yarn.

    (I have an overactive imagination and am in love with this parade, can you tell?)

  87. Glyn Avatar

    Wavybend's comment sounds good, though I like Sully best! =) My son, on the other hand, would say Transformers, probably Bumblebee! Love the new colorway, and I think it would make great socks and monsters for kids!

  88. Ikkinlala Avatar

    'Unicorn Parade' kind of reminds me of the song 'Pet Parade,' so I think Winnie the Pooh should be there.

  89. marianne Avatar

    I just now realized that Harrison, a webcomic shark from the future who wears a space suit all the time and cannot swim without an inner tube and has bad luck finding adventure, would probably love to be part of a unicorn parade!

  90. melaniejennifer Avatar

    Lovely yarn! I definitely think that any of the teddy bears from the Teddy Bear Picnic would love to join the parade.

  91. Goldi316 Avatar

    What's a parade, unicorn or otherwise, if Big Bird isn't it?

  92. Goldi316 Avatar

    Willy Wonka! Don't make me choose, love 'em both… Ooh, why NOT both?

  93. Goldi316 Avatar

    And if Willy's gonna be there – he NEEDS to have the Oompa Loompas with him!

  94. sophie Avatar

    I imagine Pippi Longstocking would look great wearing an outfit knit from this … and would enjoy being part of the parade.

  95. Bridget Pilloud Avatar

    I think Larry, Sponge Bob's snail would be there, definitely.

  96. Melissa Avatar

    I think that Crow from MST 3000 should totally join in.

  97. Becca Huben Avatar
    Becca Huben

    The Fraggles would totally love a unicorn parade – Uncle Matt, Boober Wembley, Red, Mokey – the whole gang!

  98. t d Avatar
    t d

    Mr Spock. With the rocket jet boots so that he can hover.

  99. BethToddCreatz Avatar

    I personally love gargoyles, they rock and should join the parade!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kim, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  100. BethToddCreatz Avatar

    I think another great addition are gryphons, loads of 'em, will make for a very exciting parade.

  101. Justine  Avatar

    The susuwatari from Spirited Away (the little dust bunny/soot sprite guys that help the Boiler Man).

  102. Justine  Avatar

    Gorbash, from The Flight of Dragons

  103. LisaBurrito Avatar

    Falkor the Luckdragon from Neverending Story. ;)

  104. kaytea Avatar

    I didn't read through all the comments so this may have already been said, but the adipose from doctor who HAS to be there! Oh and Happy Birthday!!!

  105. Liz McQueen Avatar

    Sully from Monsters Inc needs to be there!

  106. Liz McQueen Avatar

    I think Cookie Monster would be there too!

  107. Mike Avatar

    How about a troupe of orcs?

  108. marianne Avatar

    Scully and Mulder! :D

  109. Riggsdp Avatar

    I think heffalumps would be a great addition to the parade

  110. Bettie New Avatar

    Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba

  111. iknitalone Avatar

    Louis (the swan) and Sam from E.B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan. Every parade needs instruments, and Louis could really play!

  112. Allyson Avatar

    Ohh fun giveaway! I think all the heffalumps and woozles should totally be involved in the unicorn parade!

  113. Christa Avatar

    I remember a childhood book called Serendipity, with a pink dragon/sea monster (?) on the cover.. totally awesome parade participant :)

  114. Carrie Coker Avatar
    Carrie Coker

    My dog Bella would like to join the Unicorn parade. With my 5 month old son Charlie on her back, of course!! Happy birthday, Kim!

  115. beccarowley Avatar

    Unicorn Parades should always include an assortment of elves, pixies, fairies, dryads, nyads, imps, trolls, dwarves, and a giant for good measure. :)

  116. Christy A. Avatar

    Be still my heart! That was my favorite book… to go out and scour used book stores.

  117. Juliann Avatar

    Every unicorn needs a fairy princess!

  118. Lauraine's Crafts Avatar

    I think a haggis would be great

  119. librarypaste Avatar

    I suspect Bad Horse might need a vacation from the rigors of heading up the Evil League of Evil and I think a Unicorn Parade would be perfect!

  120. Marlana Avatar

    Personally, I think a unicorn parade calls for a giant Domokun! And a parade isn't a parade without Hello Kitty or Spongebob.

  121. Lorna's Laces Avatar
    Lorna's Laces

    I know I can't be part of the contest, but Dolores Van Hoofen and Harry might want to walk in the Unicorn Parade.

  122. LeAnn Avatar

    Sailor Moon that would be awesome!!

  123. Skywisefahr2 Avatar

    Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit” of course!

  124. Tina Avatar

    Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter

  125. Margo Avatar

    I think Yoda should be in the parade.

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