I’m going to have this coming weekend to myself, and I’m feeling a knitting bender brewing. Save for going to see Coraline on Saturday, my plan is to knit my heart out all weekend long. Laundry and socializing and cooking be damned!

I’ll need a serious amount of good television to keep me rooted to my seat, and so I tweeted:


And within minutes, I had recommendations from people far and wide. Good god, I love Twitter. So, here is the prioritized list of shows people recommended (there was a lot of overlap and duplication, which was fabulous), according to my desire to see them, and leaving off ones I haven’t heard of or know I don’t want to watch, in the interest of keeping the list manageable:

  1. Freaks & Geeks
  2. Doctor Who
  3. ETA: Flight of the Conchords
  4. Veronica Mars
  5. The Office, UK version
  6. The Office, US version
  7. (Nobody recommended this; shocking! So I add it myself.) Deadwood
  8. ETA: 30 Rock
  9. Torchwood
  10. Dexter
  11. Twin Peaks (I’ve seen it, but it’s time for a refresher half my life later)
  12. Alias
  13. How I Met Your Mother
  14. Entourage
  15. Big Love
  16. Weeds

Suggested shows I’ve already watched, and what I think of them:

  1. Mad Men—Genius. And gorgeous. And smart.
  2. Arrested Development—Genius of a different sort. Hilarious.
  3. Gilmore Girls—Saw it all on broadcast television, not DVD. Crazy!
  4. Battlestar Galactica—Brilliant. I’m a huge fan. We’re all caught up, too, thanks to my father-in-law and his DVR. Only six episodes to go! Or is it seven?
  5. The Wire—We’ve seen seasons 1 and 2. They’re good. I can’t get past Dominic West’s appalling fake accent, and I don’t think it’s as brilliant as many very smart people do. We’ll likely watch more of it, but I’m in no rush.
  6. Six Feet Under—I watched this when Cecily and I were swatching for 200 pages of Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting. Fabulous show. Makes my hands hurt to think about it.
  7. The West Wing—Loved it. Watched most of it on that old-fashioned broadcast television. Could certainly go on a DVD bender, but not now. I want to live in the reality of an Obama administration for a while.
  8. Felicity—Judge at your leisure. I loved this show. Loved it. Watched it all as it aired, too. Was a fan of Noel. Certainly Noel.
  9. Wonderfalls—Lovely, awesome, it’s a tragedy it never aired. Go watch it on DVD.
  10. The collected works of Jane Austen in cinematic splendour: Loved the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice; have seen it twice in its entirety. Have seen many other Austen movies, including Becoming Jane.
  11. Northern Exposure—Watched most, if not all of it, when it aired. I’ll take Joel Fleischman over Jerry Seinfeld any day.

Thank you, to all who tweeted recommendations! I’ll let you know what I settle on for the great weekend knitting bender.

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